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Join us and let’s grow our businesses together. With Sendoso at your side, your company has the potential to increase sales as well as earn commissions on your leads and joint business partnerships. In addition, we’ll offer support in many other ways to empower your clients—from an automated Sending Management Platform for sales teams to delivering personal experiences for both you and your clients.

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Increase corporate customer engagement

Get expert advice and consultation services

Get expert advice and consultation services

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We couldn’t have found a better match than the team at Sendoso to ensure our partner’s core values matches that of #samsales. Not only does their gifting platform allow us to connect with prospective clients and recognize our amazing champions, but the team has delivered service that is above and beyond.

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Samantha McKenna

CEO, #samsales Consulting
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We’ve been making an impact on lead engagement and CRO, post-event pipeline, and delight and retention for our clients and our target audiences. Sendoso elevates the experience that both audiences have with us and we love the experience of working with them!

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Nicki Kamau

Sr. Manager Partner Programs, SmartBug
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Sendoso has been one of Groove’s most impactful partners, helping us support cross-functional workflows in a unique and powerful way. Our joint customers are sending modern direct mail, personalized gifts, eGifts, and celebrity greetings to over 165 countries —all from their inbox.

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Tehsin Daya

Head of Partnerships, Groove
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