Send some good out into the world.

See how we’re making sure our sending ecosystem promotes positive social and environmental impact.


From sustainable packaging to eco-friendly partnerships, we don’t just deliver across the planet—we’re working to protect it. greenSendoso is a new way to make sure your send is environmentally conscious. Look for the logo to see vendors that offer sustainable products and use eco-friendly items in their sends. Plus, on top of these initiatives, all greenSendoso sends are also carbon neutral.

1% for the planet logo

Our partnership with 1% for the Planet donates one percent of Red Promo products to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

Carbon Neutral Sends

Sendoso will be net-zero carbon by 2040. As we head towards strict net-zero carbon goals every day, we also offset our footprint and donate to projects that will keep our planet green.

We’re partnering with to offset our carbon footprint in real time by donating to meaningful projects around the world, including these organizations and others:

Sendoso for Good

Nonprofits need corporate gifting, too. So we offer discounts for registered organizations to help drive memberships and donations to the causes that matter.

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