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Manage your sends with transparency

  • Easily track your sends more efficiently with our revamped Send Tracker.
  • All information is at your fingertips with robust filtering, improved search and sorting capabilities, intuitive status labes, and more.
  • Quickly export comprehensive CSV files to manage sends in your own workflow.
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Unify your workflows

  • Improve sales, marketing, and customer success campaigns by sending from within existing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Gainsight, and Monday.com workflows, while also boosting ROI.
  • Improve event and webinar attendance with Airmeet integration.
  • Launch your next campaign faster with key Hubspot workflow updates.
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Stand out with event fulfillment

  • We’ll ship straight from our fulfillment center to your event location so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Save time and money with no need to inventory, load, or ship your swag before heading to the venue.
  • Our fast, industry-leading SLAs give you peace of mind – and simplify logistics.
  • Easily store and process returns.
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of event fulfillments per year.
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Sendoso makes gifting easy and in today's climate, a little goes a long way. From a marketer's perspective, you want gifting for prospects and customers to be easy and trackable. Sendoso fulfills that need and their team has been great to partner with on ideas and support so far.

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Senior Director, Demand Generation at Legions Technologies
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We've doubled down on virtual events and webinars over the last two years, as have many marketers, and enabling extra incentives to attend, engage, and take the conversation further has helped us continue the journey with our prospects and customers while deepening our relationships with them.

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Senior Director, Demand Generation & Operations at ON24
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I love how easy Sendoso’s UI is and how simple it is for my marketing team to set up my account. Sendoso have a lot of creative gifts that have helped me stand out when prospecting. I love working with my ABM team to target an account and then they can create the campaign quickly in Sendoso.

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Inside Sales Representative at Gong.io
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Sendoso has helped elevate our ABM program by offering personalized, thoughtful, and timely demand-generation campaigns for brand awareness, pipeline development, and deal velocity. We're empowered to be creative while trusting the Sendoso team to execute those plans.

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Director, ABM at Extrahop

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