Event shipping, storage, and returns made hassle-free

With Sendoso’s Event Fulfillment, we don’t just handle inventory – we ship everything you need straight to the venue, including branded merchandise, booths, tents, totes, signage and much more. Plus, we handle returns and storage so that your items are ready to ship back out for your next event.

Sendoso’s event fulfillment eliminates the logistics so you can focus on making lasting impacts that create connections and generate ROI. No more jam-packed car trunks and cluttered garages.

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Increase in in-person and hybrid events between 2021 and 2022


Event professionals are putting on more events in 2023 than they originally planned


of professionals are “ready” or “very ready” to attend in-person industry events

Arrive to your event with confidence

With Sendoso’s Event Fulfillment, you can say goodbye to worrying about forgotten merchandise, signage, banners, and pop-ups arriving late to the event space.

Our team of expert CSMs will ensure that the items you need to stock your booth are delivered in perfect condition and on time so that you can focus on providing a memorable event experience.

And there’s no need for storage since we hold everything in our Sendoso Fulfillment Centers. That means returns and shipping everything back out for your next event are fast and easy processes.

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Unlimited event fulfillments per year


Ship booth supplies directly to event location


Easily store and process returns


Fastest, best-in-class, and industry-leading SLAs

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The industry’s fastest event fulfillment

Your event supplies and merchandise need to be there on time. We take the worry out of the equation with our industry-leading SLAs. Our best-in-class shipping is the fastest, with a 7-day domestic and 10-day international turnaround time.

Domestic SLA Icon: 7 Days

Domestic SLA:
7 days

International SLA Icon: 10 days

International SLA:
10 days

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We have been utilizing Sendoso for some time now, and we recently started using Event Fulfillment. It made life easier going to the Gartner Sales Leader Conference, Gartner Marketing Symposium, and Forrester B2B Summit. Everything was shipped out to the event space, everything was stored by Sendoso, and everything that we have left over is going back to Sendoso. I’m flying to another event in three days, and I don’t have to worry about any of my items; it’s all taken care of.

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Kimberly Davis

Head of Field Marketing and Corporate Engagement, Highspot

More demand, more follow-up engagement, and more ROI

Put energy into forming long-lasting relationships that drive revenue – not logistics. Sendoso’s Event Fulfillment helps free up your event teams so that they have the time and energy to create unforgettable experiences for attendees – a proven method of improving follow-up response rates. By boosting engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, your field marketing ROI will follow.

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