February 11, 2024

10 Ways to Use Corporate Gifting (Other Than the Holidays)

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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Corporate gifting is more than just a branded paperweight campaign you scramble to put together in Q4; it’s a powerful year-long strategy that can help you rise above the noise in a digital world.

Building relationships should be an ongoing activity, not just a yearly event. But corporate gifting has traditionally involved fragmented processes of sourcing, packing, shipping and more—making it difficult to orchestrate on a frequent basis.

While cold calls and marketing emails can help with brand awareness, the tangible and thoughtful nature of a gift is a stronger way to make a connection—whether that’s with buyers, prospects, customers, employees or anyone else in your business.

With the help of an automated Sending Platform, however, corporate gifting strategies of all sizes can be scaled to evergreen campaigns. Here are 10 different ways you can add easily add corporate gifting to every part of your company lifecycle.

Corporate Gifting Strategies for Marketers

  • – Educational Collateral: A few weeks before a new quarter, get copies of your top eBooks printed and send them to your list of buyers with a Post-it Note sharing the key takeaway (either personalized to each recipient or generalized for your audience).
  • – Event Registrations: Increase registrations for webinars, meetups, roadshows, and other events by offering a $5 coffee eGift card with a message that says, “Have a coffee on us!” to anyone who signs up.

Corporate Gifting Strategies for Salespeople

  • – Meeting Follow Up: Replace those annoying “Just following up” emails with a more meaningful touch when you send a handwritten note repeating your prospect’s stated goals from the meeting and how you can help achieve them.
  • – Prospect Life Events: Demonstrate that you care about prospects by paying attention to the details they share with you or publicly on social media, then send relevant touchpoints. Did your prospect just get married? Send them something fun for the honeymoon. Newborn baby? Go for an alma mater onesie.

Corporate Gifting Strategies for Customer Success

  • – Welcome Kits: Send each of your new customers a decorated gift box with swag, a handwritten note, and quickstart guides to help them get excited about joining your community and start to see value from your product or service.
  • – Milestones: Celebrate your customers’ milestones, such as achieving one of their goals or reaching your “anniversary” of working with them, by sending a token of your appreciation like wine, mini cupcakes, or a desk plant.
  • – Support Requests: Send customers a small teddy bear for “bear-ing” with you while dealing with a major support issue or bright candle for “shining a light” on an issue they discovered.

Corporate Gifting Strategies for Human Resources

  • – Performance Recognition: Reward your employees for great performance, whether it’s for a specific project or after a review, with an eGift of their choosing: coffee, lunch, retailers, experiences, and more.
  • – Work Anniversary: Show employees how much you appreciate them by sending a handwritten note on their yearly anniversary with your company detailing all of their accomplishments from the past year.

Perhaps the best reason to send out a gift (or 50) is “Just because.” Everyone sends gifts over the holidays, but what better way to show how much you care by gifting at different points in your relationship and times of the year? Utilizing any of the corporate gifting strategies outlined above could be a powerful differentiator for your company.

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