January 3, 2020

17 Direct Mail Campaign Ideas for the New Year

Belynda Cianci
Belynda Cianci

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Just because the season of giving is over, doesn’t mean your direct campaign ideas have to go to waste.

Sending direct mail in January is a great way to grab attention after the holiday rush, renew contact with some of your best leads and clients, and get your marketing off to a great start.

In the spirit of new beginnings, we’ve put together a list of timely and fun new year-ready direct mail marketing campaign ideas to help your recipients reach goals, turn over a new leaf, or get back to basics. (And of course, we’ve provided some fabulous puns to go along with the perfect gift!)

17 Direct Mail Campaign Ideas for 2020

Direct Mail Campaign Ideas for ProductivityA lot of people love to start the new year with a resolution to “rise and shine” a little earlier. We’ve thought of a few gifts to help them do just that:

  1. This fun, multipurpose alarm clock with Qi wireless charger can help your recipient wake up on time, with a full battery. Note idea: “Hope this helps you rise and shine, fully recharged and ready for success.”
  2. Wearables are a thoughtful gift that works for almost everyone. An Apple Watch makes a great impression that they’ll remember every time they put it on. Note idea: “We can’t wait to ‘watch’ you succeed in the new year.”
  3. A planner and journal is another thoughtful gift that serves as a daily reminder for your recipients; it also makes a great icebreaker for offering to be a partner in their success. Note idea: “We know you have big plans for 2020 — we’d love to help you make them happen.”
  4. We’re on the go more than ever, which makes portable power a great gift to help your recipients make the most of their time. This portable power bank can keep them up and running while they’re running around. Note Idea: “Here’s to putting more power behind your plans in the new year. To your success!”

Direct Mail Campaign Ideas to Stay Fit and FocusedWhether it’s drinking more water, tracking steps, hitting the gym, or getting centered through yoga — fitness resolutions are always popular in the new year.

  1. A personalized yoga mat is a fun item that reminds your recipient to keep things in balance. In can be personalized, branded, or feature an inspiring quote. Note idea: “Here’s to staying centered and stretching your potential in the new year.”
  2. A fitness tracker is a cool little wearable that can help keep fitness goals on track, and remind your recipient that you’re here to help as well. Note idea: “We’re with you every step of the way in 2020.”
  3. A well-crafted, earth-friendly water bottle always makes a handsome gift. It’s thoughtful and portable, so they’ll be reminded of you every time they sip. Note: “Success is a marathon. Remember to stay hydrated!”
  4. Working on goals usually means a lot of time in front of a screen, so these blue- light blocking glasses make a perfect gift. Note idea: “Working on your vision this year? Here’s to perfect clarity in 2020.”

Direct Mail Campaign Ideas for Taking it Easy“Rise and grind” can take its toll, which means a gift of relaxation is always well-received and appreciated. Here are a few ideas to help your recipient unwind when the day is done.

  1. A bath set is a great way to help recipients slow down and de-stress after a day full of hustle. Note idea: “You’ve worked hard this year—remember to soak up the benefits.”
  2. For those who love to relax with music, these branded Airpods make an excellent gift that will travel with them for both work and leisure. Note idea: “Your success is music to our ears. Happy New Year!”
  3. Socks have become a trendy, custom gift that delights recipients. You can send them a little comfort, and a little fun at the same time, Note idea: “Kick your feet up and enjoy some time off.”
  4. This comforting sherpa blanket is a lovely way to add some indulgence to your gift. Note idea: “2019 is a wrap. We’d love to ‘get you covered’ in the new year.”
  5. For something portable and practical, this “Zen on the Go” aromatherapy kit makes a big gesture in a small package. Note idea: “Here’s to the sweet smell of success in the new year.”

Direct Mail Campaign Ideas for Having FunIt can’t all be about goals and achievements. Sometimes, you have to cut loose and savor the good things in life.

  1. Something sweet is always a great way to celebrate past successes or new beginnings. Send some branded cupcakes for your recipient to enjoy. Note idea: “We’re excited to help you make your business a cakewalk.”
  2. Offer a toast to customers new and old by sending wine and spirits they’ll enjoy, and glassware to enjoy it in. “Raising a glass to your success in 2020.”
  3. Coffee is the fuel of creativity for many. Sending a cool coffee set with some quality beans can help your recipient stay caffeinated and motivated for big goals. Note idea: “We’re excited to help you create some buzz in the new year.”
  4. It’s always fun to cut loose and play with a shiny new toy (we’re all big kids at heart, right?) This remote drone is a great way to connect with your recipient. Note idea: “Let us help you reach new heights this year.”

Here’s to a new year full of creativity and success from all of us at Sendoso! Interested in sending one of these direct mail campaign ideas to the people on your marketing list? Learn more about direct mail marketing by downloading the ebook below.

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