March 17, 2024

3 B2B Gift Ideas That Transform Your Quote-to-Cash Process


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The sales cycle can get complicated, and fast. There are many pieces at work, but ultimately, they’re all working toward that one end goal: closing a deal.

And you may think that direct mail is just another cog ready to get caught in the machine and halt that deal from actually closing. But, when done right with CPQ, some dimensional mailers and B2B gift ideas actually enhance your sales cycle and can bring in more wins.

Salesforce CPQ is a perfect solution for streamlining quote-to-cash, especially when it’s integrated with a powerful tool like Sendoso, a leading direct mail and gifting platform for sending your prospects anything—and we mean, anything—all from within Salesforce. After all, it takes 21% less cognitive effort to process direct mail than digital content—meaning it leaves a bigger, better impression in less time.

Whether you’re sending coffee mugs with dogs for your canine-loving (and coffee-dependent) prospect or cupcakes with a handwritten note for the entire buying committee, Sendoso’s Salesforce integration can do it all. Not to mention that you can attach your Sendoso sends to Salesforce campaigns in order to analyze ROI.

If you’re not yet sold, we have a gift of our own: three rock-solid B2B gift ideas that go alongside CPQ to close deals and generate revenue.

Simple B2B Gift Ideas that Complement CPQ

1. Sweeten the proposal and negotiation process.

Brand-approved, professional proposal and contract documents are brought to you with a single click thanks to Salesforce. And the small gift you need to send in order to get your contract signed on the dotted line can be drummed up with just another single click in Salesforce (when integrated with Sendoso).

This means you can shoot a virtual lunch gift card over to prospects when you’re negotiating, send a handwritten note along with a signature request, and so much more. You can even breathe new life into opportunities that have seemingly faded by gifting a dozen donuts or bottle of champagne to the decision-making team. All these little things done at the onset of a relationship are what put some sales reps above others, generating twice as much as those who do not send gifts.

2. Clinch the renewal, cross-sell, or upsell deal.

Coupling CPQ with direct mail and B2B gift ideas also improves your business relationships after the initial win. You can retain clients more effectively when you show you care with a personal gift each time you offer renewals, cross-sell, or upsell opportunities to them.

And Sendoso customers can testify to that: they’ve noticed a correlation between gift touchpoints and renewals or upsells in the first few months of a closed deal. A popular route is to send newly acquired customers a welcome kit full of fun swag and educational materials. Then, as the relationships grow, personalized gifts help captivate loyal and long-lasting customers. Personalized gifts are made easy and seamless with Sendoso, thanks to its Amazon integration.

3. Drive adoption with incentives.

For Salesforce CPQ to be truly effective, you have to have buy-in from your entire team. An effective way to do this is by sending some of these B2B gift ideas to your internal users!

If you have KPIs to measure successful adoption of CPQ, you can use those to create contests and offer incentives for your team members to get on board. Sendoso can send experience eGifts to the best adopter (money that can be redeemed with Amazon, movie theaters, recreation shops—whatever the winner wishes). That way, there’s some incentive for everyone to understand and start using CPQ to close more deals.

If you’re still worried about adding yet another thing to your Salesforce instance, we get it. But Simplus is the leader in implementing Salesforce CPQ—just take a look at all of our five-star reviews. This makes us the leader in also seamlessly integrating your instance with partners like Sendoso to add new abilities that empower sales reps and drive more money into your business. We make the complex simple here at Simplus, and we can do it with these B2B gift ideas, too.

Direct mail is one of the most underused but effective approaches to mastering the sales cycle. When integrated with CPQ, it builds powerful relationships, clinches more deals, and drives internal adoption. So let Sendoso, Salesforce CPQ, and Simplus get together to bring you and your customers’ journey full circle—puppy mug and all.

Looking for some of our most creative B2B gift ideas? Grab a copy of our popular holiday eBook below!


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