October 19, 2018

3 Corporate Gifting Tricks for the Holidays

Sruthi Kumar
Sruthi Kumar

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The biggest corporate gifting period of the year is quickly approaching. As a team that specializes in just this (year round and throughout all stages of the funnel), we’re often asked how to execute successful gifting campaigns during the holidays.

So, I sat down with our Senior Creative Project Manager, Lexie Stegura, earlier this week to learn some important corporate gifting tips and tricks for the holidays.

Why Corporate Gifting over the Holidays Works

Before we dive in, let’s talk about why we know that corporate gifting works. Today’s customers have lofty expectations. Purchasing decisions are no longer only based on product and price — people want to have a good experience with your brand. Integrating direct mail into your campaigns creates an omnichannel strategy that bridges the digital and physical worlds, builds stronger relationships, and — ultimately — wins customers.

And what better time to make those important connections than the holiday season?

Consider these stats:

– On average, consumers delete 48% of emails they receive every day in just five minutes.

– Response rates for letter-sized direct mail are more than 30 times the response rate for email.

– 65% of consumers report that a positive brand experience is more influential than great advertising.

– 96% of people look forward to receiving holiday mail.

Now knowing that corporate gifting can work throughout the holiday season, let’s move onto how to best execute your campaigns.

Trick #1: Start Early

The biggest trick to holiday corporate gifting is to start early.

Here is a chart based on a 6-week timeline for vendors and shipping services to fulfill and deliver orders:

timeline holiday vendors and shipping services

As you can see, if you wait until November to start, your prospects will already be gone for the holidays.

You should also keep in mind that this time of year, there are a lot of delays with shipping, vendors, warehouses, and more. USPS, FedEx, and UPS will be all experiencing higher volume. The same thing goes for vendors crafting swag and other corporate gifts.

Pro Tip: The latest date you should start is early November, but there are other last minute options. For example, you can send an eGift, make a donation to a charity in the prospect or customers name, or opt to do a surprise holiday gift in January. All of these are great options!

Trick #2: Find a Creative Theme

Lexie suggests going with a creative theme to grab attention. Steer away from anything too “holiday-ish” — as everyone will already be receiving items like this already. You can also get creative with the packaging. Instead of sending a pen with your logo on it, you can send a really nice pen they will actually use with a branded box and tissue paper.

Pro Tip: Does your company have a theme around 2019? Shape your direct mail pieces around it so customers and prospects can get a sneak peek!

Trick #3: Have a Follow-Up Plan

Create an actionable follow-up plan so that your corporate gifting efforts pay off. Send an email when the package gets delivered, or follow up with a handwritten note letting your prospects or customer know that you will be in contact in the new year. Make sure to communicate the plan cleary to all team members involved in this campaign.

Pro Tip: Set up Sendoso’s integration with Salesforce so your team can get alerts when a package is received. This will enable them to be swift and timely with their follow up to prospects and customers.

Are You Ready?

Get ready for your best corporate gifting campaign ever this holiday season by following these simple steps:

  1. Start your holiday gift campaign planning early.
  2. Come up with a unique and creative theme to stand out.
  3. Have a solid follow-up plan to ensure you see ROI.

Need some corporate gifting inspiration? Check out our latest eBook “101 Unforgettable Corporate Gift Ideas” below.


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