April 9, 2024

Beyond the Webinar: Crafting Unforgettable Connections with Sendoso

Katie Penner
Katie Penner

Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso
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In the fast-paced world of marketing, the quest for deeper, more meaningful connections with customers and prospects is never-ending. At Sendoso, we’re on a mission to transform these interactions through the power of AI and automation, making every touchpoint an opportunity for genuine engagement. 

Cody Farmer, Sendoso’s Head of Product, said, “We've executed over 4 million sends and, with the recent acquisition of Alyce, have expanded our data capabilities overall. A lot of times if you've ever run a direct mail campaign, you know how difficult that can be, and Sendoso has really made that as easy as just integrating with a couple tools, adding a new step to your workflow.” 

With our latest milestone of 4 million sends, we’re not just leading the charge in the direct mail and gifting space; we’re redefining what’s possible.

Revolutionizing the Art of Gifting with AI

Imagine a world where your marketing campaigns are not just seen or heard but felt. That’s the reality we’re creating at Sendoso, where our AI-enhanced solutions are turning ordinary touchpoints into unforgettable experiences. Our secret? A blend of innovation, personalization, and seamless integration that makes every gift feel like it was chosen with care.

From Webinars to Wow Moments

Take, for example, the all-too-common challenge of converting webinar attendees into engaged leads. With Sendoso’s direct integration with platforms like HubSpot, you can automate gifting in a way that transforms attendance into action. The best part? You don’t even need to collect addresses upfront. We handle that, ensuring privacy and convenience every step of the way.

This approach isn’t just about sending gifts; it’s about creating moments that resonate. Whether it’s a follow-up to an online event or an in-person seminar, we make it easy to leave a lasting impression without the logistical headaches traditionally associated with direct mail.

In the video below, Cody says, “I hear a lot about how we're seeing less pipeline created from events, less pipeline created from webinars, and those channels aren't necessarily working. So some folks are doubling down on other channels. I believe that if you're still getting webinar attendance, if you're still getting booth scans, if you're still seeing people at events, then you can still make those channels work and here's how a lot of Sendoso customers are making this happen.”

Cody says, “With this, I've basically created a flow where anybody who attends my webinar is going to be classified by their account tier. Then we're going to send them a variety of gifts depending on what they want and which tier they actually fit into. This can be accomplished with HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, basically any marketing automation platform – but a lot of our customers are having success using this kind of strategy.”

Tracking Success, One Gift at a Time

Beyond the seamless sending experience, we’re obsessed with transparency and results. With Sendoso, you can track the journey of each gift from dispatch to delivery, all within your existing platforms. This not only simplifies your workflow but also provides invaluable insights into the impact of your gifting strategy on your broader marketing goals.

A New Era of Gifting, Without Compromise

At the heart of Sendoso’s innovation is a commitment to privacy and security. Our process eliminates the need for storing sensitive address information, offering peace of mind alongside powerful marketing solutions. It’s a win-win: your recipients enjoy a delightful surprise, and you enjoy the benefits of a streamlined, secure process.

The Sendoso Difference

As we celebrate this milestone of 4 million sends, we’re reminded of the power of personal connection in an increasingly digital world. With Sendoso, you’re not just sending a gift; you’re sending a message that you care, that you’re paying attention, and that you value the relationship. It’s this philosophy that drives us to continuously innovate, ensuring that every send is as meaningful as the last.

In an age where every marketer is looking for an edge, Sendoso offers more than just a platform for gifting. Cody Farmer said, “Whether it's somebody who's engaged with an ad or somebody who's filled out a form of the website or downloaded an ebook, and you're looking to create a warmer connection, you can easily apply Sendoso to any of those workflows.” 

We offer a partnership in creating genuine connections, leveraging the latest in AI and automation to ensure that every interaction is an opportunity to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Join us on this journey of transformation and discover how Sendoso can elevate your direct mail and gifting campaigns from routine to remarkable. Because in the end, it’s not just about what you send—it’s about the connections you build.

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