April 9, 2024

Enhancing Gifting with AI: Discovering SmartSend and PunPal

Katie Penner
Katie Penner

Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso
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In the digital age, personalization and efficiency in gifting have become paramount, especially in the world of marketing and professional networking. The introduction of innovative features like SmartSend and PunPal by Sendoso is revolutionizing how we think about and execute the act of gifting. These tools not only streamline the process but also infuse it with a layer of personalization that was previously hard to achieve at scale.

SmartSend: A New Horizon in Personalized Gifting

Imagine wanting to send a gift to Emily Kramer, but all you have is her work email and a vague idea of her interests. Enter SmartSend, a feature that cleverly identifies Emily using just her work address, diving deep into her professional and personal likes to suggest numerous gifting options. Whether it's a book on B2B marketing strategies or Oakland's local coffee, SmartSend finds tailored recommendations that resonate with Emily's passions and professional life.

The process is simple yet ingenious. By clicking on the desired gift, the sender is greeted with a “send it now” button that auto-populates Emily’s information and crafts a customized note card message. This seamless integration of thoughtful gifting with the convenience of technology exemplifies how AI can enhance the personal touch in professional relationships.

PunPal: Personalization with a Twist

The essence of direct mail lies not just in the physical item sent but also in the message it conveys. PunPal, a feature launched alongside SmartSend, takes this to the next level by generating personalized messages filled with puns or witty remarks tailored to the recipient's interests and the nature of the gift. This not only captures the recipient's attention but also significantly enhances the likelihood of conversion through fun and engaging content.

Beyond Specifics: Embracing Wide Interests with Semantic Search

SmartSend’s versatility extends beyond specific recommendations. Through semantic search, it caters to general interests like "movies" or specific fandoms like "Star Wars," presenting a plethora of related gift options from movie night boxes to character-themed sets. This broadens the scope of gifting, ensuring there’s something for every kind of recipient, facilitated by a few keystrokes.

Streamlining Choices with Amazon Integration

In a strategic move, SmartSend has integrated with Amazon, allowing users to directly add gifts from the vast Amazon catalog to their Sendoso selection. This expands the range of available gifts, marrying the convenience of Amazon's shopping experience with Sendoso's personalized gifting approach. Whether it's for a March Madness campaign or a thematic gift based on interests, the possibilities are now virtually limitless.

The Pathway to Automated, Personalized Gifting

SmartSend and PunPal signify more than just features; they represent a pathway to a fully automated, personalized gifting process that integrates seamlessly with existing marketing tactics. Cody Farmer, Sendoso’s Head of Product, said, “What Sendoso has done is created a pathway where you can automate your gifting process and integrate with any of the marketing tactics that you're currently using today and it's super easy to execute. Most of these gifts are delivered within one to three days with statuses passed back to HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, every tool you can think of so you can automate the followup process too.” 

With the capability to deliver Amazon gifts through SmartSend within one to three days and update statuses across marketing tools like HubSpot and Marketo, Sendoso has effectively bridged the gap between thoughtful gifting and marketing efficiency.

In conclusion, the advent of SmartSend and PunPal by Sendoso heralds a new era in professional gifting, where personalization meets efficiency. By leveraging AI to understand and cater to individual preferences at scale, Sendoso is setting a new standard in how we connect and build relationships in the professional realm. Whether it’s through a book that strikes a chord, a fun pun that brings a smile, or a Star Wars gift that lights up a fan's day, the essence of gifting remains intact: to deliver joy and appreciation, one thoughtful gesture at a time.

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