May 9, 2024

How Field Marketers Can Dominate Using Event Fulfillment In 2024

Neil Shah
Neil Shah

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The past few years have been a wild ride for event marketers. In 2022, event attendance was down 65%, making it seem that events as we know them may never recover.

However, with Zoom burnout and people craving connection more than ever, it is time for B2B companies to prioritize in-person events again in 2023. Even with job cuts, an unstable economy, and shrinking budgets, your events still need to generate booth visitors, business connections, and attendance rates that get you ROI.

Unfortunately, planning and managing events (especially under tight deadlines!) becomes a major headache if your team does all your prep and packing in-house. So how do you create memorable events without burning out your events team?

With Sendoso’s Event Fulfillment, you can finally break the chaotic manual pack-and-ship cycle! We handle ordering, shipping, and stock inventory, plus real-time tracking and a personal CSM to ensure a smooth setup for your event. No more last-minute surprises!

For smooth, successful events in 2023, let’s look at how you can ace event setup and pre-coordination.

Generate More Demand Than Ever at Your Next Event

In the wake of the global recession and job cuts, event marketers have had to get creative and offer events in various formats. As challenging as this was, it also created opportunities for innovation and adaptation.  Here are our top tips for preparing for 2023’s event landscape.

Tie event programs to revenue

Return on investment (ROI) is a critical metric to measure the success of an event. Therefore, event marketers must align their programs with revenue goals by creating and tracking quantifiable objectives and metrics.

Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify attendance rate, engagement, and conversions. Then, you can implement this data into future marketing strategies and nurture campaigns.

Focus on costs

By finding new and creative ways to cut costs, event marketers can create budget-friendly solutions that enable them to stretch their resources and maximize ROI.

Budget-conscious event marketers should consider renting smaller venues, negotiating better rates with vendors, and finding more efficient ways to ship and store their branded event merchandise.

Prioritize attendee experience

By creating a unique and unforgettable experience for attendees, you’ll boost engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. In addition, you can build long-lasting relationships with attendees that drive revenue through marketing campaigns, social media, and thoughtful follow-ups.

Pro Tip: Attendees are often inundated with post-event follow-up emails from dozens of companies. By offering a personalized eGift, you differentiate yourself from the competition and prove that you value their time and attention.

According to Sendoso research, including eGifts in follow-up emails results in 41% higher response rates and, ultimately, higher conversion rates.

Leverage technology

Event marketers in 2023 must leverage technology to achieve their goals. For example, eGifts can effectively capture prospective attendees’ attention or engage with them post-event.

Try sending personalized gifts instead of standard swag bags to go the extra mile. Luckily, Sendoso allows you to scale the selection, personalization, and tracking of your gifts, then add personal touches like a handwritten note!

Success Is in the Details: Setting a Strong Event Foundation

Let’s be real: managing every event detail is a major headache. It can also seriously eat into your time and budget, leaving you with burned-out employees. Handling all your event prep in-house can lead to costly errors, especially when packing and shipping booths and tents under tight deadlines.

Want to maximize the impact of your next event? Here’s a hot tip: get your logistics in order ahead of time so that you can focus on marketing and building buzz (more on that in the next section!)

Pro Tip: Before your event, reach out to your target account list and existing prospects, inviting them to the booth for 1-to-1 meetings to learn more about your company.

Break the Chaotic Manual Pack and Ship Cycle With Event Fulfillment

Great news! You can finally stop stuffing your car trunks with leftover handouts and cluttering your garage with old pop-up banners! Best of all? No more wasted hours standing in line at UPS. All your branded goodies can now arrive in one neat package with Sendoso’s Event Fulfillment.

We’ll eliminate the hassle and expense of ordering, shipping, and stocking inventory. You’ll save time and money on shipping and get real-time tracking updates for all your materials.

With Event Fulfillment, you’ll never again worry about last-minute surprises while setting up for your event. Think of your Sendoso CSM as your personal logistics hero, swooping in to save the day! We’re here to ensure things go smoothly so you can impress your attendees.

Event logistics: easy as 1-2-3!

Our support team makes event logistics simple. Whether it’s special labeling or specific considerations for your event space, we’ve got your back. Count on our team of expert CSMs to ensure your items are delivered in perfect condition and on time.

  1. Take your event planning to the next level! Contact your Sendoso customer success manager before the event. We’ll handle all the details and become your trusted point of contact throughout the event ensuring everything goes smoothly.
  2. Focus on running a killer event while we handle shipping directly to your location. Say goodbye to worrying about forgotten merchandise or supplies arriving late with our direct delivery service.
  3. No need for storage! We accept all self-contained shipping containers that store all your event items, including banners, table-toppers, and other supplies. We store each item in our inventory locations, making it easy for us to fulfill your shipments as soon as you’re ready for your next event.

The Bottom Line on Dominating Your Next Marketing Event

Sendoso Event Fulfillment is the long-awaited answer to event marketing prayers! Our new hassle-free logistics service lets you pull off a killer event without burning out your team or blowing your budget this conference season.

You’ve always relied on Sendose to grow demand with gift experiences your clients love while delivering measurable results you can rely on. Now, sending and receiving to event locations has never been easier, thanks to Event fulfillment.

Ready to start saving time and money on logistics while delivering memorable branded experiences to attendees? Get Started with Event Fulfillment

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