April 17, 2024

New Enhancements to Sendoso's Meeting Booker

Cody Farmer
Cody Farmer

Head of Product, Sendoso
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Booking a meeting with a prospect, customer, or partner can feel like navigating a maze - time zones clash, schedules conflict, and engagement drops. It's not just about finding a time slot; it's about capturing attention in a crowded digital space.

Creating moments that matter in business interactions requires more than just technical solutions; it requires a human touch. Whether it's a thoughtful gift, a personalized note, or a well-timed meeting, these gestures make a significant impact. They signal to prospects and customers alike that their business is valued on a personal level, not just as a transaction.

The need for genuine human interactions in business settings has been sharply in focus, especially post-pandemic. Sendoso has recognized that buyers and customers now expect more personalized and human-centric interactions, mirroring B2C experiences. This evolution has propelled a shift from a purely transactional relationship to one that values human connections above all, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty

At Sendoso, human connection forms the cornerstone of all interactions. In a digital-first world, maintaining personal connections has become more challenging yet increasingly essential. Sendoso’s approach has always been about transcending the digital divide, ensuring that every business interaction has a personal touch. This philosophy stems from a commitment to transform every corporate outreach into a meaningful, memorable experience, whether it's through a simple eGift or a personalized physical gift. 

With this backdrop of fostering human connections, Sendoso's Meeting Booker emerges as a strategic tool designed to facilitate not just any meeting but one that promises mutual value and personal engagement. By integrating the meeting booker with the act of gifting, Sendoso ensures that each interaction is not only a touchpoint but a meaningful connection point. This not only enhances the likelihood of a meeting but also elevates the quality of interactions, ensuring that they are as personal as they are professional.

Sendoso's Meeting Booker

Sendoso now supports the ability to require a meeting with all types of gifts, whether it is an eGift, Physical Gift, or an Amazon Send. Meetings can be scheduled through Outreach, Salesloft, Calendly, Chili Piper, Groove, and HubSpot. If you are using SmartSend, booking a meeting is as easy as just checking a box that requires the recipient to book a meeting before receiving their gift. Sendoso also provides end-to-end tracking for your campaigns. You can track the number of meetings booked and assess the overall effectiveness of your campaigns. This data will help refine your strategy and improve engagement rates.

Here's what it looks like in real time:

Useful Meeting Booker Scenarios

Exploring New and Expansion Opportunities

When you obtain contact details for a new line of business or department within a customer's organization, introduce your solutions with a gift. This can help you start the conversation on a positive note and establish relevance to their needs.

  • Strategy: Send a welcome package with a personal note.
  • Messaging: Welcome to Sendoso! We'd love to explore how our solutions can meet your needs. Let's discuss your goals and how we can support your success.
Closing Stalled Deals  

For prospects who have stopped responding towards the end of the sales process, a personalized gift can serve as a gentle yet persuasive nudge to book a meeting and discuss final details.

  • Strategy: Send a high-impact item related to your service or product.
  • Messaging: We're eager to finalize the details and get started! Please book a time at your convenience so we can address any remaining questions you have.
Event Follow-up

After an event, send gifts to the attendees to thank them for their participation and ask for a follow-up call. This can help capture their interest while the event is still fresh in their minds and pave the way for more detailed discussions.

  • Strategy: Send a themed gift related to the event.
  • Messaging: Thank you for joining us at the Real Retreat. We'd love to hear your thoughts and discuss potential opportunities. Can we schedule a follow-up call?
Future Engagement Strategy

If a prospect asks to reconnect at a later date due to budget constraints or existing contracts, use Meeting Booker to schedule a reminder. When the time comes, a well-timed gift can be an effective way to reopen the conversation.

  • Strategy: Send a 'just checking in' item when the follow-up time approaches.
  • Messaging: Just checking in as we discussed! We're excited about the possibility of working together. Let's catch up and see where things stand.
Post-Demo Appreciation

After a successful demo or discovery call, send a gift to express your thanks and simultaneously secure the next meeting. This gesture of appreciation can differentiate your service and foster a stronger connection.

  • Strategy: Send a custom gift that relates to the demo topic.
  • Messaging: Thank you for the opportunity to present Sendoso. We hope it sparked your interest! Can we book a time to discuss your thoughts and next steps?
Re-engaging After Initial Contact

For leads that have gone dark after a promising start, such as a demo or an initial conversation, sending a gift with a request to book the next meeting can reignite their interest and keep the momentum going.

  • Strategy: Send a thoughtful reminder or a small gift.
  • Messaging: We've had some great initial conversations, and I'd love to pick up where we left off. Here's a small token to show our commitment to your business needs. Can we schedule a time to reconnect?

In today’s dynamic business landscape, creating meaningful interactions is key. Sendoso’s Meeting Booker enhances your outreach by turning every thoughtful gift into an opportunity for a significant conversation. This tool simplifies the meeting scheduling process, ensuring that your gestures of appreciation also act as effective business catalysts.

If you're ready to transform your approach and seamlessly integrate appreciation with engagement, try Sendoso’s Meeting Booker. Reach out to us to learn more or to get started with this today.

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