December 8, 2022

New research shows why strategic gifting wins big B2B deals


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Data suggests human marketing experiences are key to building a reputation with buyers

If you control or influence a budget at work, you’re probably very popular. There are likely armies of sales reps happy to email, DM, target, re-target, and cold call you all the time. But if that’s not the type of attention you like, you’re not alone.

The tsunami of B2B marketing that chases you every day can be exhausting to withstand.

In fact, according to new survey research of decision-makers, 96% feel overwhelmed with the number of salespeople trying to get their attention.

Sendoso, the leader in human marketing experiences, wanted to understand how personalized strategic gifting can create a real connection between decision-makers and sales reps. Sendoso commissioned an independent research firm to survey 150 decision-makers about how personalized gifts have surprised them, influenced them, and even touched them.

Recently, Sendoso commissioned an independent research agency to study the effects of B2B gift giving. You can see the full report here, but right now here are some of the study highlights:

Traditional B2B marketing isn’t connecting emotionally.

64% of decision-makers say they usually don’t feel an emotional connection with salespeople they buy from

Most B2B salespeople are nameless.

Only 28% of decision-makers can remember the names of all the salespeople they bought from one year ago

Gifts create a human connection.

84% of decision-makers say receiving a personalized gift helps them feel a human connection to a salesperson

Gifts are memorable even after a year.

84% of decision-makers can still remember a gift they’ve received from a vendor one year ago

Decision-makers respond with gratitude.

80% of decision-makers have responded to say thank-you after receiving a gift from a vendor

Wine and spirits are popular.

Favorite gifts:

  • Wine/Spirits
  • Coffee
  • Snacks
  • Sweets/Desserts
  • Tickets to an event

Warm outreach is a popular time to send a gift.

At what deal stage do Budget Owners typically receive gifts?

  • Warm outreach
  • Sales call follow up
  • After proposal
  • After sale closed (thank-you)
  • After initial meeting

It used to take 30, 60, or even 90 days, but in [this] campaign, we booked demos within a couple of hours. It’s pretty incredible.

James G.

Chief Marketing Officer at CRMNEXT

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Gifting affects deals.

82% of decision-makers say receiving a gift has positively affected a deal

Most gifts are under $100.

The typical estimated value of received gifts:

  • 39% of gifts are valued at under $50
  • 64% of gifts are valued at $50 to $100
  • 20% of gifts are valued at over $100

Gifts above $100 draw suspicion.

Above what value does a gift become inappropriate? Over $100

Gifting isn’t necessarily common.

On average, decision-makers say they receive two to three gifts per year from vendors

Gifting helps invisible vendors be seen.

74% of decision-makers say vendors blend together, but 80% say gift givers stand out

Gifting boosts reputation.

81% of decision-makers say receiving a gift has helped their vendor’s reputation

Some organizations can’t accept gifts.

43% of organizations have policies against receiving gifts from vendors

Handwritten notes are a welcome lost art.

87% of decision-makers say receiving a handwritten note makes a gift feel more personal

Customized gifts are better, but most gifts aren’t.

82% of decision-makers say customized gifts are best, but only 32% received gifts that felt customized

Sales and Customer Service decision-makers receive the most gifts.

Teams to which the most gifts are sent:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Gifts aren’t always good.

57% of decision-makers have received gifts that were inappropriate or cast a negative impression

Remote workers receive fewer gifts.

49% of decision-makers say they receive fewer gifts if they work remotely from home

Gifts get passed around the office.

73% of decision-makers usually share received gifts with others on their team

Gifts turn into meetings.

79% of decision-makers say receiving a gift from a vendor influenced their decision to take a meeting with them

Gifts show thoughtfulness.

83% of decision-makers say receiving a gift made the vendor seem more thoughtful than its competitors

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