March 29, 2024

Sendoso has held the #1 spot on G2’s Account Based Direct Mail Grid 3 Years in a Row!

Leslie Barrett
Leslie Barrett

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The results are in! G2 released their Spring 2023 Grid Report, and Sendoso has once again been named #1 in Account-Based Direct Mail for 12 consecutive quarters. We have also held the leader ranking in 2 other categories, Direct Mail Automation and Promotional Product Management.

G2 Grid® for Account-Based Direct Mail Software

G2 Grid® for Direct Mail Automation Software

G2 Grid® for Promotional Product Management Software

And out of nearly 150,000+ software companies on G2, Sendoso was also rated G2’s Top 5 Best Software Product in 2022. We’re honored to have been rated so highly by our customers for so many years, and will continue innovating with new features that help them as we navigate the new playing field together.

We are dedicated to delivering features that serve our customers needs and we take every piece of feedback seriously.

In fact, it was because of customer feedback that we announced that we’re now connecting you to even more countries around the world through our new EU Fulfillment Centers in Dublin and Australia. We’ve also added more Sendoso Direct, Sendoso Choice, and eGift options to help our customers connect globally in relevant ways and support local businesses.

Let’s dive deeper into what exactly our customers say they value about the platform and how G2 determines category leaders.

“The ease of executing campaigns is unbelievable. There’s no way we could scale this personalized outreach without Sendoso. The solution has become an essential ingredient of our pipeline-building strategy and overall success as a company.”

“I have seen huge returns on Sendoso gifting when coupled with purposeful marketing campaigns. It is also a phenomenal way to stay top-of-mind for points of contact that you may work with down the line.”

“The ease of integrating Sendoso with a campaign is great, but the multivariate attribution analytics we can pull is really the icing on the cake.”

“We are able to easily track touches that the sales team creates and we can see our marketing dollars be put towards campaigns and the results in real time! Sendoso also allows the sales team to make independent spending decisions based on their knowledge of their own customers.”

…we’re dedicated to continuing the work our customers praise us for most, which is providing an end-to-end, personalized customer experience they can’t find anywhere else.

We’re continually rated at the top of our categories by the voice of our customers, which means we’re consistently delivering value for them—and we’re committed to staying that way.

Thank you to our customers for once again making us a leader. Check out more on our Sendoso reviews page.

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