July 9, 2018

The Best Direct Mail Sends for Each Account Segment Ft. Triblio


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Original post by Triblio, a comprehensive account based marketing software solution that includes web personalization, account based advertising, sales reports, and more.

Gift giving can be tough on both the personal and corporate level. Is your strategy to be practical or to stand out? Are you all about the $50 Amazon gift card? Or would you opt for clever mugs and branded wine bottles?

Our friends at Triblio, have some expert tips for account-based segmentation where we’ve added in what types of sends you should be doing to each. But before diving into your next swag strategy, let’s look at some of the underlying patterns that drive direct mail plays in account-based marketing.

Patterns of Account Segmentation

Segmentation schemes play a central role in account-based marketing. Most organizations don’t have the resources to conduct 1:1 account targeting 100% of the time. They need to prioritize their efforts, group like accounts, and target different accounts using a mix of 1:1 and 1: Many strategies.

There are a number of ways to segment. In B2B, many marketers are drawn to segmenting by product line. It’s straightforward to design campaigns and deliver messaging around one product. However, in an account-based strategy, product-based segmentation doesn’t always work out. What if one account is interested in multiple products?

Account Segmentation that’s Designed for ABM

To support ABM programs, choose a segmentation scheme that focuses on account firmographics. Marketers who segment by account size and purchase journey stage are better equipped to support sales, as sales is organized in the same way. You’ll see hunters vs. farmers, and inside vs outside sales reps. When marketing handles the same segments as sales, they can ensure coordination of ABM campaign execution from initial point of interest through closed-won.

The marketing strategies displayed in the following 2×2 correspond with how sales reps approach their accounts. Large accounts require highly customized 1:1 attention, while small accounts can be treated with 1: Many personalization. The approach to new logo acquisition and cross-sell / upsell should also differ, as key stakeholders need different types of information and content at each stage of the purchase journey.

Direct mail plays for each account segment

Big-ticket items for top-tier acquisitions

For top tier accounts, sending highly customized items will get you better results. Since your deal size is substantial you can spend more on quality and personalization to really stand out. Some successful sends we’ve seen though marketing teams to top tier accounts are customized legos, paintings, and wine bottles.

eGifts land SMBs

This is a campaign that needs a wider reach for lower tier accounts, so you want the campaign to be cost-effective with minimal strain on resources and time. eGifts are effective for just those reasons as listed above. With eGifts, you only need an email address to send the gift card, so this is a great campaign to launch now while you work on your higher tiered sends. For a play where you want to get your value prop in front of your SMB buying accounts, you may see better results sending a postcard mailer telling a bit more about your value prop and benefits.

Upsell top account with a personal touch

This is an extremely under-utilized form of direct mail and gifting. You’ve closed an awesome deal, you’ve got them onboarded, using your product, and loving it. Now it’s time to land and expand that deal. For an expansion play, sending a handwritten note is a nice touch for thanking your champion for working with you. To be more effective, include a piece of content with the handwritten note. Your champion will be able to share that with other departments. Another good play is to have them refer you into other departments and send a gift card or gift for helping you get in contact with the correct people. As far as upsell, a handwritten note as well as sending something custom like rocks glasses with an etched logo and bottle of whiskey or custom wine bottles showcasing your logo with theirs is a great touch for those top accounts.

“Dear SMB” openers

For these accounts, you want to do something more affordable. Here you can do a mini champagne bottle with a handwritten note or cupcakes just to mention how sweet it’s been working with them. It’s a great door opener to an upsell/cross-sell conversation.


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