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ABM team wows C-suite VIPs with bespoke direct mail campaign

How Anaplan pivoted from a 1:1 direct mail strategy to a multi-touch live event campaign designed to grow pipeline.

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Marketing was tasked with increasing deal acceleration and engagement with top-level executives.


Anaplan’s marketing team upped its direct mail game by leveraging Sendoso to source, scale, and ship personalized corporate gifts designed to attract C-suite attention.


Marketing surpassed registration and conference attendance goals for the Executive Experience at Anaplan Live!


of opportunities touched


VIP event registration rate


teams leveraging Sendoso


opportunities touched in the first 18 months

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I think the big benefit to Sendoso is the high personalizatin and high value of the touch that we can do. An email can only have so much warmth in it.

Anaplan is taking personalization and high-value gifts to the next level with corporate gifts that won’t go unnoticed. It’s part of an account-based marketing (ABM) pivot designed to engage C-suite stakeholders. Anaplan paired gifts that wow with the power of Sendoso to touch an impressive number of opportunities.

Winning over C-suite gatekeepers

Anaplan touched 42% of the total pipeline representative at Anaplan Live! within months of the company’s biggest event of the year.

It’s all part of a bigger, more strategic direct mail build-out designed to target C-suite executives.

“We’re trying to reach executives at Fortune 500 companies,” explained ABM Senior Specialist Brevan Peavey. “It’s not that easy. You’ve got an executive assistant who is gatekeeping everything.”


Multi-touch direct mail that wows

The ABM team used Sendoso, a series of integrations, and strategic gift choices to invite 400 people to the Executive Experience at Anaplan Live! But they didn’t rely on typical swag to get noticed.

Anaplan sent 300 custom coins. However their boldest play was targeting top VIPs with personalized figurines to drive registrations.

On the back end, Peavey created one campaign that contained two separate paths, using Salesforce and Marketo to integrate with Sendoso to automate each send. Direct mail was split into two tiers.

  • Tier 1: 300 Executive Experience invitees received a custom flip coin. One side encouraged recipients to attend Anaplan Live! in San Jose, California. The other side playfully suggested they stay home or at the office.
  • Tier 2: 100 VIPs received figurines designed in their likeness holding an Anaplan briefcase.

Both gifts included a physical invite to the Executive Experience and a series of targeted 1:1 emails. Account executives were tasked with following up with the tier 2 VIPs. The goal was to build a relationship between the target and the strategic growth team.

The response was strong, with registrations exceeding the team’s goal by 150%.

The direct mail didn’t stop with the impressive invites. The marketing team designed a multi-touch campaign to keep the VIPs engaged. VIPs received additional gifts two weeks before the event and after the conference.

Within weeks of the event, the campaign touched 42% of the total pipeline represented at Anaplan Live! and is expected to grow over the next 12–18 months. Peavey said he’s already been asked to run a similar campaign next year. It’s easy with the right integrations.

“Sendoso and the Marketo integration has made gifting a lot more dynamic and scalable with the click of a button.”

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