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Cookies win back SaaS accounts and produce 40X ROI

Blend used Oreo cookies to convert 62% of cold leads into opportunities using Sendoso.

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Direct mail is good, if not better, than any other channel out there. If you're doing high-touch, ABM, direct mail has to be a part of it.

When Blend wanted to run a win-back campaign to re-engage accounts that were closed or lost, they required an innovative sending platform to make it a success. They needed to expand sending capabilities, automate campaigns, and scale processes.

Sendoso was just what the demand generation team at Blend needed to create their most popular, and sweetest send to date.

High-touch gifts make an impression

Blend is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for lenders to speed up and simplify applications for mortgages and consumer loans. Their cloud-based platform powers end-to-end customer journeys for any banking product.

Blend Oreo Cookies

For the win-back campaign, Blend set its sights on re-engaging high-value prospects with accounts that were closed or lost. Their strategy involved a Sendoso multi-touch direct mail campaign.

“If you’re not doing direct mail, then you’re not doing demand generation,” said Matthew Dilworth, demand generation marketer at Blend. “Direct mail is as good, if not better, than any other channel out there.”

Dilworth and the demand generation team started with a list of closed-lost opportunities from the previous quarter. They identified which clients fit the profile to potentially win back.

The campaign focused on why each prospect should reconsider Blend as their preferred platform. But the team had to get creative. They had to get the attention of the prospects without inundating them with emails and phone calls.

Dilworth opted for a high-touch send to help keep Blend top of mind for the recipients. His team used Sendoso to send Blend-branded Oreo cookies to the chosen list of closed-lost clients.

Streamlining workflow with Sendoso integrations

By integrating Sendoso with Marketo, the team was able to automate the send at specific touchpoints in their nurture program. The Marketo integration allows users to automate personalized gifts, eGifts, and more based on any smart list criteria and measure campaign performance.

Sendoso offers more than one dozen integrations that empower teams to create, click, and connect from wherever they already work.

Generating 40X return on pipeline value

The “sweet” send was a huge success.

The Blend team was able to convert 62% of cold leads into opportunities using Sendoso as a central piece of their campaign. The Oreo send ranked first across all mailers sent to date. In addition, the campaign produced a 40X return on investment (ROI) on pipeline value. It also ranked in the top 10 overall campaigns that Blend has run in the past three years.

“If you’re doing high-touch account-based marketing, direct mail has to be a part of it,” Dilworth adds.

Desirable corporate gifts that work

Sendoso can help you, delight recipients, with cookies, wine, cocktail kits, succulents, and more from our network of locally-owned small businesses.

Make your send that much more special with customized items, as Blend did with the branded Oreo send. Add your logo to many Sendoso Direct sends to keep your brand and product top of mind with buyers and customers. Include a personalized note for an extra special touch.

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