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Successful scaling quadruples Chili Piper reach

Sendoso automated Chili Piper campaigns involving corporate gifting and enabled sales representatives to select qualified leads to add to their cadence.

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The Chili Piper sales team offered branded hot sauce to prospects, but the sending process was proving to be difficult and time-consuming.


Since implementing Sendoso, Chili Piper scaled their programs to reach 4X the amount of prospects, resulting in a 23X increase in influenced pipeline.


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The past process of ordering the items, then packaging, mailing, etc. was a real pain before Sendoso. Now we can share the love with a larger audience and build meaningful relationships that lead to sales.

Like many software companies, the sales team at Chili Piper influences pipeline by sending a branded gift to their prospects. Naturally, Chili Piper sends branded hot sauce.

The sauce was popular, but it took partnering with Sendoso to properly scale their campaign.

Chili Piper is a sales tool that automatically schedules appointments with qualified leads. The branded hot sauce was a valuable part of their marketing plan. However, sending manually was proving to be difficult and time-consuming for the sales team. Not to mention, they didn’t have the right tools to scale their direct mail marketing.

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Scaling Direct Mail in a Single Click

The company needed a direct mail platform that could help the team send hundreds of bottles of hot sauce with a click of a button.

Scott Haney, revenue operations leader at Chili Piper, found Sendoso.

Haney wanted to enable his team to create new sales opportunities across the buyer’s journey.

“Sendoso allows us to get our brand on the desks and in the hands of our prospects.”

He could do that and more by adding Sendoso to the mix. Chili Piper could even add on additional gifts with the direct mail integrations to increase meeting show rates.

Spicing Up the Sending Strategy

Sendoso removed all of the manual workaround Chili Piper’s sending campaigns. Haney was able to add Sendoso into Chili Piper’s cadence thanks to the SalesLoft integration. It meant sales representatives could easily select qualified leads to receive their sauce.

The change produced real results.

Chili Piper was able to scale its programs to reach 4X the amount of prospects than before. The results were impressive and included a 23X increase in influenced pipeline.

By eliminating the manual effort of sending, Haney’s team could focus on leveling up their sends. The curated upgrade included a custom box and a handwritten note telling prospects to, “Spice up the office!”

Improving Meeting Rates with Strategic eGifts

The cadence began with an email letting the prospect know that they would be receiving a gift within the next few days.

Once the hot sauce was delivered, Sendoso sent each sales rep a notification so they knew to follow up with a call and email asking if the prospect received their gift.

Once a meeting was booked with Chili Piper, the sales reps sent a $5 coffee eGift card. They strategically sent the coffee cards on the day of the meeting as a reminder. It worked too. The coffee eGift reminder resulted in a 33% increase in meeting show rates.

“Sendoso opened up an additional channel for us to make a great touchpoint to increase engagement, book sales meetings, and optimize every touchpoint of the buyer’s journey.”

The Sendoso + Chili Piper Integration

The direct mail integrations were so successful, Sendoso and Chili Piper launched a new partnership. The Chili Piper integration is now available through the Sendoso platform.

Sendoso’s Chili Piper integration can help increase meeting show rates from direct mail campaigns. By adding a Chili Piper link to an eGift send, you require the recipient to book a meeting before accessing their gift.

For example, encourage prospects to join a demo by offering an eGift to cover coffee or lunch while you chat.

The Sendoso and Chili Piper integration also allows you to use your personal Chili Piper scheduling link as the default calendar link. It makes it easier for an SDR to book a meeting for their account executive. The recipient can view the AE’s availability if you add the AE’s Chili Piper scheduling link.

Plus, you can measure your success with snapshots of meetings booked and conversion rates. In the analytics section, you can see your full organization’s success when sending out with this feature, as well as a breakdown by team or individual.

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