Corporate gifting influences 45% of revenue in one quarter

How Electric incorporated Sendoso into their direct mail marketing campaign to drive client engagement with branded swag.

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Electric needed to engage prospective clients, generate pipeline, and transition out of sending direct mail manually.


By leveraging Sendoso throughout the buyer’s journey, Electric was able to drive ROI while bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams.


pipeline influenced by Sendoso Q1 2021


revenue influenced by Sendoso Q1 2021

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We give the sales team as much lberty as possible. With Sendoso, they can eGifts for coffee, lunch, Amazon, or charitable donations too, all within the sales platforms they use every day.

Electric is an automated IT platform helping small and mid-sized businesses get enterprise-level IT support. They target IT decision-makers, anyone from finance directors to the CEO. In 2019, Electric transformed how they target the varying personas by making the switch to Sendoso.

Making a direct mail marketing switch

Electric partnered with Sendoso in 2019 to accelerate deals throughout the marketing and sales funnel. It also turned to the sending platform for its ease of use and ROI trackability capabilities.

Before the switch, Electric’s marketing team manually handled direct mail.

“I would wake up in the middle of the night and think, ‘Oh my god, I have 60 more headphones to send,” said Electric Demand Generation Manager Hally Darnell, who described the old process as inefficient and time-consuming.

Darnell improved efficiency by automating gifting with Sendoso Salesforce Integration. Electric decided early on to utilize Sendoso for three different gifting scenarios.

1. Increasing Sales Engagement: Account executives sent eGift cards for coffee, lunch, Amazon, or charitable donations to target accounts through Outreach or Salesforce. Company leaders applauded Sendoso for making gifting more measurable and scalable.

2. Multi-Touch Buyer Journey: Electric employees triggered gifts to prospects at certain stages of the buyer’s journey. These gifts included branded swag like S’well bottles, dad hats, beanies, and insulated mugs.

3. New Sales Opportunities: The company also used Sendoso to target buyer personas to foster new opportunities. These campaigns featured a monthly promotion with messaging related to IT.

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Automated corporate gifting raises the bar

The Electric team found sending a single, higher-value item performed well among its audience.  

Electric sent prospects Bose Soundbars for one campaign in exchange for attending a meeting. The campaign included a landing page with the message: “IT Support That Raises the (Sound) Bar.”

Through a Salesforce integration, Sendoso automatically shipped a soundbar to the client once they completed a demo.

The Address Confirmation feature ensured the high-value gifts reached the right location. It also allowed the Electric team to track the shipping and arrival of each package. Electric sales representatives then utilized the information to create multiple touchpoints with the client.

Gifting doubles new revenue YOY

Electric doubled new revenue year-over-year since onboarding with Sendoso.  

In 2021 Q1 alone, Electric garnered incredible results using Sendoso. Gifting helped drive 26% of all qualified meetings, influenced 28% of pipeline, and 45% of revenue — equating to millions in pipeline and revenue.

Leaders also reported Sendoso increased efficiency and collaboration between sales and marketing teams, as well as enhanced sales support for their account-based marketing programs.  

“Sendoso has helped prove it’s critical that we work closely together.”

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