InterVision Influenced $377 in Closed-Won Revenue for Every $1 Spent

How InterVision utilizes Sendoso throughout the sales and marketing process and client lifecycle to build relationships and drive revenue.

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Differentiating the InterVision brand throughout the marketing and sales process while providing sales and CSMs with the right tools to reach their quotas.


By leveraging Sendoso for prospecting, webinars, pipeline acceleration, and relationship building, InterVision stands out from its competitors, creates opportunities, and closes deals.

$377 in influenced closed-won revenue

for every $1 spent across all Sendoso campaigns

$169 generated per $1 spent

attributable closed-won revenue, COVID-19 pipeline campaign

InterVision is a strategic service provider with over 25 years of experience helping IT leaders transform business through the power of technology.

St. Louis, MO and Santa Clara, CA
Company Size
300-500 employees
IT strategic service provider

“Sendoso allows us to differentiate and stand out.”

As a leading strategic IT service provider, Intervision is on a mission to provide the right technology to the right premises with the right model. Throughout the 27-year tenure of the company, InterVison has acquired six companies, developing a robust portfolio of managed services and cloud-based services.

The company targets directors, VPs, and c-suite executives at US-based companies in the MM and enterprise commercial sectors and throughout the public sector. The breadth of their products, services, and clients creates unique challenges for their marketing team: moving from transactional selling to consultative selling, identifying the right buyers, tailoring messaging for every account, and ensuring sales is bought into new technology so they adopt it as practice.

Director of Marketing, Jennifer Vogel, is keenly focused on creating a practice, defining messaging and implementing marketing solutions that differentiate the InterVision brand throughout the marketing and sales process while driving sales effectiveness. “We like to take a different type of approach. We’re always challenging the status quo and we brought on Sendoso because it allows us to differentiate, stand out, and connect with people,” she said.

We believe in quality messaging that enables us to highlight our solutions and reach our goals and Sendoso enables us to do just that.

“With Sendoso, we make the ‘Wow!’ happen.”

Jennifer enables sales reps to use Sendoso as a step in their prospecting endeavors. The marketing and sales team work closely together, monitoring Engagio for intent signals and assigning a score to every lead. When intent and lead scoring criteria is optimal, sales reps use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get the conversation going with the objective of booking a meeting with the prospect.

Once a meeting is taken, reps will either send a personalized gift via Sendoso’s Amazon integration or leverage Sendoso Choice to send eGifts to restaurants, self-care apps, or home entertainment platforms using the Salesforce integration. “When prospects are taking the time out of their day to meet with us, we want to make sure we’re showing our appreciation in meaningful ways,” said Jennifer. “Sendoso gives us another channel to keep those important conversations moving in the pipeline.”

One InterVision sales rep recently joined a Zoom call with a prospect who had an “impressive mustache.” After the meeting, he used the Amazon integration to send a mustache kit to the Sendoso warehouse where it was repackaged in a box filled with on-brand crinkle paper, sealed with InterVision tape, and shipped to the prospect.

Once delivered, the prospect reached out to the rep “in awe” of the send and their relationship continues to grow today. “Personalized touchpoints like this further helps us establish a relationship and allows the rep to schedule another call to talk about the prospect’s business needs, goals, and objectives.”

When we asked Jennifer why using Sendoso is so valuable during the prospecting process, she said, “With Sendoso, we make the ‘Wow!’ happen. We really look like magicians—everything is branded to us and we’re able to create another layer of appreciation and discussion.”

Driving pipeline during COVID-19

After social distancing measures were put into place, Jennifer and her team implemented a “COVID-19 Sendoso Choice” campaign to stay connected with prospects and clients despite having to keep a social distance.

Sales and CSMs sent Sendoso Choice eGifts, allowing recipients to choose from iTunes, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and Xbox eGifts. The campaign messaging was centered around showing audiences they care during a difficult time:

At InterVision we want you to know that we’re thinking of you and want to stay connected despite having to keep our distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a break from the corporate emails and relax with your family. Please enjoy one of these experiences, safely, with our best wishes.

Because the first campaign was a success, they ran the campaign a second time with  Sendoso Choice touches centered around eating, drinking, and relaxing.

The results of the COVID-19 pipeline campaigns? For every $1 that InterVision spent, they influenced $414 in pipeline and generated $169 in attributable closed-won revenue.

Unique virtual event experiences

When planning online events for prospects and clients, Jennifer and her team are focused on driving webinar attendance while creating unique virtual experiences and follow-ups that stand out from their competitors.

During the event, sales reps use Sendoso’s Salesforce integration to send the prospects and clients in attendance a Grubhub eGift, thanking them for participating.

To keep attendees engaged during the webinar, the team raffles giveaway bundles. The boxes include a unique Amazon item tailored to each winner’s interests, crinkle paper, and branded tape. And because everyone is working remotely, they leverage the Address Confirmation feature to ensure the packages arrive where recipients are currently working.

“A tool that helps us delight our clients.”

After a deal closes, the account is routed to the client success team, responsible for delivering implementation and ensuring onboarding runs smoothly. Most commonly, CSMs leverage Sendoso to build rapport and thank clients for speaking on behalf of InterVision at events. “Our CSMs leverage Sendoso quite extensively and are always requesting new touches because it really is a tool that helps us delight our clients,” said Jennifer.

$377 in closed-won revenue for every $1 spent

To date, InterVision’s Sendoso campaigns have influenced $377 in revenue and $425 in pipeline for every one dollar spent. We can’t wait to see the magic they bring to life next!

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$377 in Influenced Closed-Won Revenue

for every $1 spent across all Sendoso campaigns

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