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Lively direct mail drives 35% of quarterly pipeline

Discover how one marketing campaign using Sendoso’s automated gifting platform built brand affinity and grew Lively’s sales funnel.

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Lively needed to communicate their modern product offering and stand out in a competitive market.


Lively increased its quarterly sales by using Sendoso to tap into the power of creative, branded merchandise. The gifts got the attention of the brokers, influenced pipeline, and drove revenue.


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Almost every day someone from our sales team tells us how much they love Sendoso. Thanks for making us look like rock stars!.

Lively is a modern Health Savings Account (HSA) platform that delivers a simple and intuitive user experience. It allows employers and consumers to get the most out of their HSA benefits.

Lively maximizes an HSA’s potential through intuitive design, accessible support, and ongoing education.

It’s those shared values that led Lively to Sendoso to maximize their sales campaigns.

Krupa Shah, senior director of growth and retention at Lively, was looking to streamline Lively’s sending process. She heard great things about Sendoso from colleagues and signed up.

Gaining new attention with creative gifting

The Lively team loved the flexibility Sendoso offered. Lively typically targets human resource professions and health insurance brokers. Sendoso gave Shah’s team a new way to gain attention with fun, creative gifts.

“Having a curated list of items in Sendoso helps us control our brand messaging and experiences at a high level,” said Shah, “while also putting the power to manage everyday sending in the hands of our sales reps.”

Lively uses Sendoso to empower relationship building. Sales reps send a thank you gift after a meeting. Aside from showing gratitude, the move helps incentivize future meetings.

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Spring into increased pipeline opportunities

Shah and her team have developed creative campaigns to capitalize on Lively’s unique brand to make the most of these relationship-building moments.

One of their best-performing marketing strategies was their “Spring into Action!” campaign.

Spring is a busy season for brokers, so Shah’s team developed a gift campaign that centered on the idea of growth with the tagline “Springing into Action.”

Top prospects, who had already been in touch with the sales team, were sent a gift box with a custom laser-etched Woodchuck notebook (an eco-friendly company that plants a tree for every product purchased) and a watering can plant growing kit. The bundle also included the following message:

Lively Etched Notebook

Ready, Set, Spring into Action! Things are starting to warm up and getting Lively as we make our way into the year. Here are some productivity tips to help you blossom.

“We wanted to send something useful on a day-to-day level, like the notebook; and something that sits nicely on your desk as a pick-me-up, like the flowers.”

The thoughtful gifts were a hit.

Lively received almost 60 heartfelt thank you notes in response to the 460 notebooks they sent. It also influenced 40 opportunities, which equated to 35% of the pipeline generated for the quarter.

Turning lemons into marketing lemonade

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shah and her team used Sendoso to overcome challenges. Shah leveraged creative Sendoso campaigns to drive conversations with prospects.

“Without Sendoso, our business would be facing a lot more challenges building relationships during COVID.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, the team sent activities for their prospects’ children, giving parents a brief break from entertaining them. It’s a type of thoughtfulness that is core to Lively’s brand.

Lively offered eGift cards for lunch when face-to-face lunches were canceled. The sales team gaves prospects the two options: an eGift card or donating that money to charity. Brokers loved being able to give back. Lively spent $5,000 sending 213 Sendoso Choice eGifts. As a result, Lively created 32 new opportunities.

The marketing team turned their best practices from the campaign into a playbook titled “Turning Lemons into Lemonade.”

Marketing shared the book with sales and replicated the campaign in Q3. However, they swapped out eGift cards and sent margarita kits. The kits were thank you gifts to brokers when a business proposal was initiated or a deal closed.

Streamlining campaigns with Sendoso tools

Sendoso’s Address Confirmation tool was a big help to us in getting all of these gifts out in a streamlined way. It saved everyone time during an already stressful period and brought a smile to prospects’ faces even when they weren’t able to with us in person.”

The Lively team already uses Sendoso sequencing to create tasks in Salesforce. Yet the automation won’t stop there. Shah plans to implement more sequences to improve automation.

“We want to set up trigger-sending in Marketo, as well as start to use Amazon sending more. We see so many possibilities for incorporating Sendoso into our sales and marketing processes—we’re just getting started.”

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