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LiveRamp boosts meetings set by 33% with swag bombs

How Sendoso emerged as LiveRamp’s sole direct mail tool by integrating into sales and marketing workflows and creating opportunities with every send.

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This is a great way to get the attention of your target audience in an enjoyable way for them.

As a data enablement platform that powers growth through connection, leaders at LiveRamp understand the importance of personalization. It’s why they chose Sendoso to help them rise above the packed B2B marketing space.

Not just any gifting platform, Sendoso seamlessly integrated with LiveRamp’s other SaaS apps. It allowed sales and marketing teams the creativity to engage decision-makers with direct mail and book face-to-face time. Success came quickly with LiveRamp increasing set meetings by 33%.

Those fundamental wins spurred key conversations about products and actions.

Competing in the B2B marketing space

Ben Coffee, head of marketing operations at LiveRamp, knew his team was up against perpetual pain points. They touted a collaborative data enablement tool for other B2B marketers.  However, Coffee’s reps were competing for time and messaging.

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So how could they be heard above the B2B marketing roar?

Target accounts were constantly bombarded by pitches for products or services, offers, and even discounts to get on board with the latest and greatest. But Sendoso offered creative ways to cut through the chatter.

Unique direct mail sends allowed reps to craft meaningful interactions to drive pipeline for LiveRamp sales. Plus, Sendoso automates the direct mail process, cutting down on manual labor and in-house resources.

“It’s another tool within [the rep’s] tool kit to get the attention of buyers who are inundated with messages from competitors,” said Coffee.

“LiveRampified” with swag bombs

A lot of marketers check a box when they send branded merchandise to new clients and then call it a day. Branded pens and mugs are a quick way to get lost in the shuffle and lose ground the next time that quarterly check-in rolls around.

Coffee thought bigger. He wanted to break away from sending the same old swag to make an impact. Sendoso’s inventory and logistics made it easy for the outbound marketing team to dream up swag bombs to welcome new accounts.

Coffee called it getting everybody ‘LiveRampified!’

With a swag bomb, everyone from the front line to the back of the house can get on board.

“We know Sendoso can do that for us.”

LiveRamp’s reps used Sendoso to fill boxes with hoodies, sweatpants, notebooks, and anything else they could stick a logo on. The idea was to gift swag to the entire company, not just the team tasked with utilizing LiveRamp’s product.  

“Having those positive associations with your brand helps move those contracts across the desk and get people bought in across the organization.”

Warming up cold calls

Even with all the new ways to create buzz for new business, prospecting just hasn’t gone away as a solid method for new growth. Someone on your team is going to have to make that initial connection and see if there’s an opportunity.

But there’s no reason to do it alone. Sendoso helped LiveRamp warm up those initial cold calls.

Sales team reps strategically used Sendoso in their prospecting campaign to layer touches with calls, emails, and digital marketing that resulted in interest and action. So much action, that 33% of all Sendoso-influenced cold calls resulted in a scheduled meeting.  

“It was pretty incredible in my book. Conversion over 10% for a cold list [is] phenomenal, let alone 33%.”

Sendoso direct mail influence resonates

All these successes for LiveRamp pushed Sendoso into being the sole direct mail platform for their outbound marketing and sales.

Teams that used Sendoso saw regular response rates between 8-12%. That’s compared across multiple channels of big ad spending with lots of eyes, like webinars and events.

“It’s definitely impactful and we know that it’s hitting people at the right time.”

Sendoso’s uses at LiveRamp started with thoughtful gifting as a sales strategy. But it grew into a tool for opportunity, helping sales reps race ahead of the competition one send at a time.

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