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Magaya wanted to boost employee efficiency while evolving its loyalty gifting strategy to cover both domestic and international customers.


Sendoso’s ease of use and comprehensive logistics accelerated gifting workflows while also improving engagement and retention.

30% to 95%

Increase in gifting email open rates


Increase in retention rate of it’s 2,300+ global clients

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Magaya provides organizations with a modern, data-driven logistics software platform to optimize and automate shipping and supply chain management.


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Our main use for Sendoso is for customer loyalty. We get a lot of feedback and a lot of good engagement from that – a lot higher than when we were doing it manually or through four vendors.

Organizations live and die by how well they deliver customer satisfaction. And it’s not just about offering a powerful product or service; keeping client churn low also requires a combination of clear communication, meaningful business value, and a mutual display of appreciation between the two parties.

Magaya is well versed in this formula. However, the company wanted to take it a step farther beyond its exceptional customer service and support. Emphasizing the importance of going the extra mile for its customer, Magaya wanted them to experience extraordinary gestures that would generate organic growth, loyalty, and enthusiastic customer advocates.

The most prominent part of their plan focused on unexpected touches by sending gifts to customers celebrating their first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, or twentieth anniversary with Magaya.

At first, this was a fully manual process. Magaya would order items, one by one, and have them delivered to their headquarters. Then they would bring in team members to help pack and ship each gift. With more than 2,300 clients, this workflow wasn’t sustainable.

To automate and streamline the process a bit, the Magaya marketing team sought out a gifting platform and thought they found what they needed. However, since this vendor specifically sent bottles of wine to clients, Magaya ran into issues delivering to certain states – and international shipping was non-existent.

To fill in the gaps, more vendors were added until they had a total of four gifting platforms in their tool belt. Unfortunately, they ended up with just as much manual work as when they were handling everything on their own.

“When I say it was a nightmare, I mean it was a nightmare,” says Alfred. Having to manage four vendors was just the beginning of his headaches. Some of the vendors required CSV files to be formatted and uploaded in a precise manner; otherwise, the data would be rejected and gifts wouldn’t go out. Another required direct contact with a CSM for each gift.

Additionally, Magaya lacked visibility into any results and was unable to see how many people opened email notifications related to gifts, or how many customers actually redeemed the gifts. This meant they couldn’t calculate their ROI, and just as importantly, had no insights into customer sentiment.

Outreach Candy

How a single candle revolutionized Magaya’s gifting strategy

Alfred Murgado, Director of Marketing Operations at Magaya, is a scent savant, so he did a double-take when he saw a candle made by an expensive brand at a booth during HubSpot’s annual INBOUND event. “That’s not something you’d expect to see at a trade show,” he says.

As luck would have it, he was at Sendoso’s booth. He struck up a conversation with the booth rep and learned about how easy automated gifting with Sendoso can be. He immediately ditched the four other vendors and went all in with Sendoso.

Once Magaya ramped up their new strategy, they realized there were more benefits to Sendoso than just ease of use. Having the clarity of open rates for gift notification emails, acceptance rates, and ROI is invaluable to the Magaya marketing team.

Between how quickly gifting with Sendoso accelerated loyalty, how visible results were, and how much time was saved, Alfred says it was immediately clear that they had a winning formula on their hands.

Sendoso justifies the cost because it's not worth all that manual labor month in and month out. And then, in addition to everything else Sendoso does, we see metrics with transparency.

Currently, Alfred is uploading client data as a CSV file once a month, and Sendoso’s automation handles the rest. However, he is actively working to incorporate Sendoso’s Salesforce integration into his workflow

The team is setting up an automated routine that sends out anniversary gifts, triggered by the renewal date listed in Salesforce under one designated point of contact per client. This drastically cuts down on time and effort, and also eliminates the chance of error.

Performance has been stellar, with open rates tripling from 30 percent to 90 percent. Most importantly, customers appreciate the gesture of being sent a gift and are remaining loyal to Magaya, as its already high retention rate increased an additional five percent after implementing its Sendoso gifting program.

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