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Streaming platform pairs star power with corporate gifts to grow pipeline

How MasterClass used a Sendoso integration to customize its B2B sales strategy and offer uniquely themed gifts to spark interest in online courses.

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MasterClass was looking for an inventive way to share its brand personality with prospects and increase meeting attendance.


The team expanded its direct mail strategy by using the Sendoso Amazon integration across multiple teams.


MasterClass curated unique, themed corporate gifts to highlight specific courses and drive interest.


of opportunities using Sendoso influenced pipeline


69% of customers sent a gift via Sendoso interacted with the gift and AEs


improvement in win rate with opportunities that used Sendoso

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We like to do creative things because we're a creative company, and I think this aligns pretty well with Sendoso.

The online streaming platform MasterClass encourages viewers to “learn from the world’s best.” Customers can buy an online subscription to learn tennis from Serena Williams or how to build successful sales strategies from people like former Disney CEO Bob Iger.

So when it came time for MasterClass to incorporate corporate gifting into its B2B sales strategy, the company naturally set out to become the best with the help of Sendoso.

Mastering corporate gifting

MasterClass took creativity to the next level by harnessing its star power, creating highly personalized themed gifts, and using Sendoso to automate the gifting process.

It’s a move that paid off. Now 87% of opportunities using Sendoso either remain in the pipeline or result in a closed-won deal.

“Sendoso offers us so many options to send prospects gifts,” said Enterprise Strategy and Operations Manager Melanie Tsoi, who added that the Amazon integration brought her Sendoso gifting strategy to life in a way gift cards could not.


Customizing gifts with Amazon

“We were looking for a way to share our brand with customers to increase both brand excitement and meeting show rates.”

Tsoi did both with Sendoso. The Amazon integration unlocked new possibilities for creative, themed corporate gifts that could be tied into MasterClass courses.

For example, MasterClass enticed prospects interested in the Serena Williams tennis course by sending tennis balls to B2B prospects rather than eGifts. In another campaign, prospective clients interested in former FBI negotiator Chris Voss’s courses received his best-selling book.

Both were readily available on Amazon.

Tsoi could easily create touches by shopping on Amazon and tracking the gift in the Sendoso customer relationship management system. She could even ship each gift to the Sendoso Fulfillment Center to be packaged with MasterClass branding while still personalizing gifts at scale and tracking the budget.

“It opened up the ability to tailor gifting towards MasterClasses that our B2B customers were excited about.”

The excitement increased engagement with customers. Nearly 70% of customers who received a gift via Sendoso interacted with a MasterClass account executive.

Gifting automation unlocks B2B customers

The physical gifts stand out from traditional email outreach because MasterClass is able to get a tangible item in front of prospective customers. Data backs up the strategy of winning business with corporate gifting. MasterClass has seen win rates improve by 40% with opportunities that trigger a gift using Sendoso.

“If you truly think about what grabs your attention in an email, it has to be something like Sendoso,” explains Tsoi. “People are not responding to outbound emails unless there’s something in it for them.”

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