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Personalized sending platform brings Workplace to global markets.

Sales team wins by adjusting their international sending strategy to fit cultural norms.

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Meta (formerly Facebook) was challenged to bring its Workplace platform to enterprise markets and introduce a global buy-in.


The Workplace sales team incorporated Sendoso’s automated corporate sending platform for strategic outreach by relying on data to segment efforts.


SDRs booked meetings by using thoughtful ‘value sends’ tailored specifically to different global communities.

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I think Sendoso is such a useful tool. It has pretty much become essential.

Social media giant Meta is a global brand. While you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of Facebook, some divisions of the technology company are still expanding in foreign markets and have been focused on the enterprise segment to reach their target audience.

That’s exactly how the sales development team behind Workplace grew their global buy-in.

Pradeepa Kolli, the former Global Head of Scaled Growth and Sales at Meta, was brought into Sendoso working alongside with her marketing teams. The sales veteran wanted the personalized corporate sending platform to connect Workplace with the right decision-makers.

“I’m such a big fan of Sendoso, alongside with our marketing team we were responsible for driving adoption of tools for prospecting motion,” explains Kolli, tasked with helping get Workplace off the ground and generate pipeline.

Taking Workplace global with Sending Platform

Workplace is an internal communication platform that connects employees fostering a sense of belonging, driving retention and employee happiness within the company. Our mission at Meta is to bring communities together and we want to drive the same for organizations to connect with their employees. The all-in-one business communication platform offers chat and video and creates an intranet community for employees.

Despite being part of Meta, Kolli says Workplace functioned as a B2B startup when she began.

It was her team’s job to introduce Workplace internationally. Kolli saw immediate success by creating a Sending program with Sendoso to complement the prospecting efforts. Her B2B sales team used value added messages to generate interest and ignite engagement with prospects.

The Workplace team reported seeing pipeline growth in the first six months.

Plus, she found that using a personalized sending platform like Sendoso was an excellent tool for incentivizing her own team’s performance

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Determining the sales strategy based on data

Kolli came to Meta with nearly 20 years of sales experience. She credits her success to focusing on three things:

  • Using the right sales tools for ‘Go to Market’
  • Adding the value to the prospect
  • Identifying the target audience early

The Workplace team started by targeting the C-suite executives within large international companies. These decision-makers often set the tone for a company’s culture and could drive buy-in.

For Kolli, it was a starting point for examining the data.

“I had to make sure the team was spending the right time on the right leads.”

Sendoso’s dashboard and analytics made it easy for the sales team to track their outreach efforts and results. Kolli used that information to segment the marketing strategy even further.

She found that focusing on dedicated outbound prospecting to enterprise accounts, i.e. with employee size of over 2000 had the great impact on turning outreach into revenue, while the SMB motion remains heavily inbound marketing driven.

To get in the door, Kolli turned to Sendoso again. The sales team created a multi-touch direct mail strategy. The plan included multiple touchpoints, each with a personalized value creation. These touchpoints incentivized prospects while giving SDRs a talking point to re-engage their clients

“Sendoso is a great way to warm that prospect up by tailoring the value that prospects prefer and can choose.”

Adjusting sending ideas for each country

So what exactly was Workplace sending to spark sales conversations?

The selections changed depending on the location. Kolli turned to the experts at Sendoso to make sure she was creating connections without crossing cultural boundaries.

“We had really great analysis from the Sendoso customer success team about what worked in what countries.”

“You need to warm up the prospect or have a reason to call by adding value, especially in Europe,” explains Kolli.

Following a speech by Meta female management, for example, they would send prospects books about women in leadership.

The team would then follow up after the book had arrived and how they found reading sharing insights on what they liked in the book.

Using Sendoso’s data from the international markets, they also discovered meeting catch up over coffee works as an outreach tool in France.

“Sendoso allowed us to tailor the sends by market. We would propose a wellness voucher from various stores Sendoso has relationships that prospects could choose from during Covid.”

From there, her team could talk over coffee about thought leadership or another topic. It was simply a tool and a reason to reach out to the prospects.

Sales success leads to advocacy

Kolli’s team secured a number of meetings for Workplace within a six-month period.

The sales success was valuable for Workplace but also for the team and Kolli.

She became a Sendoso advisor eventually and even mentioned the sending platform as a must-have in a recent Forbes article.

“Invest in best-in-class inside sales tools to boost the productivity of your teams,” wrote Kolli. “Inside sales tools that are commonly used include Outreach,, Sendoso, and Clari, which are all tools that I use.”

Kolli didn’t use the sending solution just for clients. She also used Sendoso for employee recognition to keep SDRs motivated. An SDR received a send card for every ten meetings they booked. Similar thank you value sends were also given to other Meta team members who attended Workplace webinars.

Kolli said it comes down to understanding what energizes your team.

“Give them exciting stuff and understand what really motivates them. Understand their purpose and why they wake up every day.”

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