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Workforce reimbursement organization quadruples its ROI by switching to Sendoso

How Motus identified effective gifting strategies throughout the sales funnel

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Motus aimed to book more remote meetings with leads.


Coffee and lunch gift cards helped BDRs improve meeting attendance and drive revenue pipeline.

$20 million

in influenced pipeline generated in 2022 – a 21.4x on ROI.

$1.5 million

in revenue generated in 2022 – a 4x on ROI.

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Motus helps organizations reimburse their mobile workforces for using their own vehicles, home offices and devices.


Remote first company with HQ in Boston, MA.



Company Size

501 – 1,000 Employees



Workforce Management Software

For me, Sendoso is essential now, and I wouldn't go back to when I didn't have gifting as an option.

Business doesn’t take place solely between the four walls of an office. Employees need to be enabled to hit the road in order to deliver success for customers and keep pace with the competition.

That’s where Motus comes in, helping organizations ensure their mobile employees are fairly and accurately reimbursed for the business use of their vehicles, home offices, and devices.

Motus casts a wide net when it comes to marketing and sales. So for Integrated Campaigns Manager, Fer Tafoya, orchestrating an effective plan of action includes identifying the most effective gifting strategies at each point in the funnel.

Prior to Fer joining Motus, the company decided it was time to switch from its incumbent gifting platform to something with deeper capabilities. After evaluating a number of solutions, stakeholders decided on Sendoso, due to its Salesforce integration, address confirmation, and virtual gifting features.

Shortly thereafter, Fer was hired and has been growing the gifting strategy at the company ever since.

When she took the reins in 2021, her main focus was on adoption and enablement. Pandemic restrictions and supply chain difficulties were part of everyday life, so Sendoso’s address confirmation and wide selection of eGifts immediately came in handy.

She started out with a small pilot, setting up one BDR team with Sendoso, with the goal of increasing remote sales meeting attendance. Her strategy was to target top-of-funnel prospects, pencil in a date and time, and then send coffee and lunch gift cards to ensure they joined the video conference.

Fer took a similar approach to driving webinar attendance. When an attendee would sign up on a Hubspot landing page, they could opt in to donate to a charity, and would receive an automated eGift for lunch and coffee ahead of the event – all via Sendoso.

The campaigns that have been the most successful are the ones that have been collaborations between marketing and sales: seasonal gifting and holiday gifting, for example. We have been automating campaigns based on the leads that come from the reps, and then the reps do their own follow up.

With both campaigns generating significant ROI, Fer gradually expanded the gifting strategy at Motus.

First, she started to incorporate more teams, including account managers, customer success teams, and all Motus BDRs and sales reps. Next, she began testing deeper stages of the sales funnel by dipping into physical gifting.

Fer reports that smaller physical gifts tend to resonate with mid-funnel prospects. Specifically, she sees higher response rates from sending succulents, snacks, and seasonally-themed gifts.

For example, she created a campaign in February focused on Valentine’s Day, leveraging both eGifts and physical touches like cake pops to reflect the theme.

To encourage sales reps and BDRs to use Sendoso, she held a contest: Whoever came up with the funniest themed email push and included a relevant gift won a $200 Amazon gift card.

This was as much an adoption campaign as it was a sales campaign.

While Fer was successful, she still found that some teams weren’t taking advantage of Sendoso.

To drive even further adoption, she created a top performers program as a reward for those who used their gifting budget and generated pipeline. Reps who qualified would have their budgets boosted substantially.

Fer has found that sharing sales data also drives adoption. “Reps are motivated by seeing the hard data,” she says. Thanks to Sendoso’s integration with Salesforce, she can quickly illustrate how sending a gift can help engage prospects and drive revenue.

Integration with Amazon is another go-to. She says that the ease of use makes adding another tool to BDRs’ arsenal more palatable.

“Amazon is important because of the personalization, especially when we get to one-on-one relationships,” says Fer.

As an example, she points to a campaign where sales reps sent prospects mugs customized with the logo of the recipient’s alma mater. “It’s easy to go on LinkedIn, see where the prospect went to college, go to Amazon, and go from there,” she says.

Sendoso gives us a way of saying, ‘Hey congrats on the promotion,’ or, ‘Hey, it’s Sunday; you might be tired. Get yourself lunch on us.’ That can go the extra mile and show you care.

For 2023, Fer is focused on applying gifting strategies to pipeline velocity automation. She’s currently working with account owners and marketing teams to build a system that leverages Sendoso’s automation and Salesforce integration.

“Once a prospect or client hits a certain stage, an event is triggered,” she says. The Salesforce trigger will notify Sendoso, which will send out a physical gift relevant to the recipient.

Fer has already helped roll out some automated workflows for customer success teams, such as sending a personalized gift as part of the onboarding process.

On the customer retention side, executive sponsors send out a personalized gift when they hear about a client’s life event like getting a promotion or having a baby. Both strategies include handwritten notes from Sendoso.

She is also planning on putting a twist on an upcoming webinar, which is targeted exclusively at high-value enterprise customers. The theme is “drinks and discussions,” and attendees will be able to pick if they’d like a wine gift card, cocktail kit, or non-alcoholic craft beer to enjoy during the event.

With over two years of success in building pipeline, Fer sees Sendoso as a way to stand out from the crowd. “Companies are getting bombarded with emails all the time,” she says. “You really need to go the extra mile and show you care.”

Gifting gives you the opportunity to customize your outreach in a different way.

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