Full funnel direct mail drives $8M in influenced pipeline

How Outreach used corporate gifting and B2B marketing to increase engagement with top accounts and ensure a return on investment.

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Outreach needed an efficient way to execute campaigns across multiple teams and to include multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.


By leveraging Sendoso, Outreach was able to book meetings and generate top-tier pipeline.


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Sendoso is a unique, fun way to engage prospects and to start or keep a conversation going.

Founded in 2014 and now valued at more than $4 billion, Outreach helps sales teams efficiently and effectively engage prospects to drive more pipeline and close more deals. The company targets sales and business development decision-makers primarily at technology companies, but is quickly expanding across industries to hospitality, healthcare, and more.

Centralizing account-based marketing

Sydney Abrams, marketing campaigns manager, is responsible for running all of Outreach’s marketing campaigns. Shauna Banning, ABM specialist, is Outreach’s first team member fully dedicated to ABM. Together, they work closely with Sendoso, helping to set up touches, brainstorm campaigns, and drive adoption among sales reps.

“We’re working to centralize and strengthen our ABM program, and Sendoso is a key piece of that,” explained Shauna. “We’re excited to do more creative sends and enable the sales team to really use it as part of their sales process.”

“We want to be able to use Sendoso for a wide range of touchpoints, from getting an initial meeting, all the way through customer success to improve retention,” added Sydney. “We try to use Sendoso for the full funnel.”

Let’s explore some of Outreach’s 1:many, 1:few, and 1:1 campaigns across the customer journey.

Aligning marketing programs and sales playbooks

After working with the sales team to identify target accounts, the Outreach marketing team came up with a 1:few program for their Tier A prospects.

Outreach Notebook

The goal was to create contacts and opportunities using an omnichannel approach — including direct mail, paid digital ads, landing pages, and sales sequences. Each channel was customized with the target account name to help increase engagement.

Once a prospect clicks on the ad and completes the landing page form, the sales development representatives sends a direct mail gift using Sendoso. SDRs use their discretionary direct mail budget and choose from an array of gifts that the marketing team designated in Sendoso.

For example, their highest performing gift in this campaign is a Sales Lunch and Learn virtual event that includes a lunch eGift — which garnered a 10.34X new logo ROI.

After the prospect receives the gift, SDRs follow up using an Outreach email and sequence created by the marketing team.

As a result of this 1:few campaign, the team generated $8M in influenced pipeline and about $1M in influenced ARR — which meant they saw a 2X ROI on their marketing spend on closed won accounts.

Creative marketing sends for every season

On the marketing side, Shauna uses Sendoso to design bulk 1:many sends tied to seasonal or cultural events on behalf of the sales team. The goal of these campaigns is to book meetings and generate pipeline.

“Sendoso is a unique, fun way to engage prospects and start or keep a conversation going,” explained Banning. “Everybody loves to receive gifts, and it’s fun for us to give them! Especially now with the pandemic, it really brightens people’s day and opens up a relationship.”

Shauna also works with Outreach AEs to choose five target prospects from top accounts, resulting in roughly 200 contacts. These prospects have previously indicated interest in Outreach, such as downloading a piece of content. Shauna then uses Sendoso’s Outreach integration to add recipients to a sequence to continue the conversation once the gift is delivered. She also uses Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature to ensure the packages reach the right person.

Below are a few of Outreach’s most recent 1:many creative sends using Sendoso.

  • Holiday DIY Gingerbread House: The marketing team needed a family-friendly gift that potential customers could use at home during the pandemic. They used Sendoso to send DIY Gingerbread House Kits from Williams-Sonoma. It came with all the fixings including pre-baked gingerbread pieces, icings, and candy decorations.
  • Valentine’s Day Engagement: The marketing team sent Valentine’s Day packages featuring Outreach-branded heart candies to show love for their audience. Sendoso added a personal touch to each package with a handwritten note that read, “Sales Takes Heart.” Account executives were even able to customize the card for individual recipients.
Outreach Candy
  • Winning for Good with March Madness: Ahead of March Madness, Outreach team members used Sendoso to send top targets charity scratch-off tickets. It gave recipients the chance to “win” a donation to non-profit organizations. Each send included a tournament-inspired pun reading, “March Madness is back! We know you missed it last year.”  Even if you’re not a big sports fan, I hope you’re still game to win for good. I’d love to show you how Outreach can be a game-changer in helping win more deals. Down to play?”
  • Celebrating Spring: Sendoso’s Outreach integration allowed team members to send flowers and a customizable email to target prospects. The SDRs and AEs tailored the email to fit the celebration, such as a job promotion or company milestone.

On the marketing side, Shauna uses Sendoso to design bulk 1:many sends tied to seasonal or cultural events on behalf of the sales team. The goal of these campaigns is to book meetings and generate pipeline.“The results are phenomenal. It’s definitely a successful channel and we encourage our AEs and SDRs to use their full Sendoso budgets because we see phenomenal results,” said Abrams.

Driving Sendoso adoption with incentives

To help get the sales team even more engaged with Sendoso, Sydney and Shauna attend SDR and AE meetings and include Sendoso campaign details in their “Marketing Monday” internal emails.

Because Sendoso has garnered consistently great results, Outreach’s VP of Sales even created a sales performance incentive fund (SPIF) to reward reps who use Sendoso the most. Shauna also brought in a Sendoso rep to share how to maximize the platform and highlight different types of sends.

Expanding internationally with direct mail

Outreach recently launched in Australia and New Zealand, and expanded their presence in the EMEA region. As a result, they enabled the sales team to use Sendoso to send Amazon and Uber Eats eGifts in those regions, as well as sweet treats in the UK, to support meeting creation and pipeline generation.

Shauna also set up a high-touch ABM program for Outreach’s UK sales team where reps offer prospects thought-leadership conversations over lunch via a $50 Uber Eats eGift. Finally, they used Sendoso to do an EMEA holiday send targeting 10-20 top accounts, gifting holiday cookies from the Sendoso Direct catalog.

As a fast-growing company, Outreach needs technology partners that can deliver reliable ROI. As Sendoso continues to demonstrate results, the Outreach marketing team is eager to drive adoption of the direct mail platform among customer-facing teams.

“I want to see a lot more of the sales team use Sendoso,” said Shauna. “We have a number of key players but we’ve got to get the entire team using it.”

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