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Unique gifting increases Samsara pipeline by 250%+ QoQ

How Samsara captured the attention of prospects with unique, personalized direct mail gifting.

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Samsara wanted to stand out from the competition and revive dormant accounts.


Samsara experienced a more than 250% pipeline increase while improving the efficiency of its direct mail campaign.

250+% QoQ

increase in pipeline sourced from direct mail


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Where Sendoso really shined against competitors was the ability to track, at scale, a high velocity of packages.

Samsara is digitally transforming the world of physical operations through an AI-powered cloud.  The company sought a unique way to spark a conversation and revive cold accounts which is where Sendoso stepped in with a stand-out gifting campaign.

Creating connections with direct mail sends

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Samsara’s target customers are fleet and safety managers at transportation and warehousing companies. Their work requires overseeing every aspect of an organization’s physical operations. Samsara leaders learned early that these customers were often hard to connect with due to the nature of their job.

“Our audience is often busy and can be hard to reach,” explained Senior Marketing Manager Katie Downey. “But our direct mail campaigns with Sendoso help get our message through.”

Before bringing on Sendoso, Samsara executed direct mail campaigns but quickly learned the process was time-consuming and difficult to track. Workers were unable to scale the campaigns due to logistical challenges and tracking each send was not feasible.

“Meating” the gifting expectations

Samsara partnered with Sendoso to create a unique way to connect with clients and cut through the noise of other campaigns.  

One of the company’s best-sending programs was the “Let’s Meat” campaign. It targeted accounts with historically low responses to booking demos.

“It’s our first push in a comprehensive door-opener campaign. It helps our ADR teams start a conversation with accounts that have gone cold, getting us closer to a demo.”

The campaign involved a low-cost send. Recipients received a bag of beef jerky presented in high-end, eye-catching Samsara-branded packaging. Every gift included a fun message reading, “open for a treat inside.”  

Sendoso also included a handwritten note from an ADR suggesting a virtual meeting in each package. Utilizing Sendoso’s Address Confirmation and tracking capabilities, representatives followed up with clients on the same day of delivery.  

Recipients who accepted the invitation to “meat” were then sent a $50 gift card. The gift included a message reading “I would have loved to take you out to dinner, but ‘let’s meat’ instead.”

“The pun and the emphasis on virtual meetings, especially during the pandemic, was crucial to the success of the campaign. In our industry, relationships are extremely important. Our campaign is designed to emphasize the sales rep who sent the gift and to build that human relationship.”

Leaders found empowering ADRs with light guidelines for sends was crucial to the success of the campaign. Sendoso provided the sales team the ability to focus on follow-up efforts which played a central role in securing demo appointments.

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Finding ease in syncing data

Samsara leaders also found they could quickly sync the data with Sendoso’s CSV uploads feature. Sendoso also automatically added data to a Salesforce campaign, making it easy to pull shipping and tracking codes for emails.

Leaders report the campaign influenced multiple closed-won deals and helped drive a 250% increase in pipeline sourced from a direct mail campaign. It is also Samsara’s most successful direct mail campaign to date.  

The campaign also earned Downey the “Out of the Box” award at the 2021 Sendie Awards.

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