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Integrated ABM campaign drives Snapdocs’ 84% response rate

Explore how Snapdocs combines Sendoso’s automated direct mail platform with Salesforce and Marketo to produce big account-based marketing wins.

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In a virtual world, Senodo helps our prospects and customers to tangibly engage with our product and brand making it a critical component of any multi-channel marketing stack.

Snapdocs is a financial technology company trusted by mortgage lenders and title companies.  As the world shifted online during the pandemic, Snapdocs needed to maintain its personalized touchpoints with its customers.

“We wanted the Snapdocs brand to be engaging and different from our competition,” explained Snapdocs Head of Marketing Mike Phillippi.

Sendoso not only delivered that answer, but it also delivered results.

Delivering account-based marketing answers

Snapdocs needed to maintain its robust tech stack to effectively gain customers and market share. It included B2B marketing automation, sales engagement, a CRM system, and a sending platform.

As a result, company leadership built an enterprise B2B account-based marketing program.  Phillippi launched Sendoso in unison with multiple integrations including Salesforce, Marketo, and SalesLoft as part of its flagship operation.

Sendoso allowed the sales and marketing teams to work together seamlessly on its campaigns. Leaders said the platform provided unique touchpoints throughout the company’s outreach process to strengthen the accounted-based marketing and sales development representative programs.

They found incorporating personalized direct mail into its outbound Salesloft cadences to be highly successful.

Shifting strategies in a remote world

Snapdocs veered into uncharted territory during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company was challenged with maintaining its personalized touchpoints in a now socially-distant world.

However, Snapdocs’ objective remained the same. So Phillippi modified the marketing strategy for a

Snapdocs book

remote workplace. He still focused on creating personalized ABM touchpoints to drive virtual engagements and boost relationships.

In March 2020, Snapdocs planned to launch a new book, The Definitive Guide to Digital Closings, at an in-person book launch event. The 115-page book aggregates findings from the top players in the financial industry.  It encompassed months of research, planning, and coordination to produce.

Snapdocs had to quickly pivot the book launch party to an AMA-style webinar. But, company leaders still wanted to deliver physical content to their audience. Managers liked the idea of giving prospects something they could hold and have to sit on their desk before, during, and after the event took place.

While the world went completely virtual overnight, Sendoso provided Snapdocs with a plan to carry out the book launch in a new, socially distant setting.  Sendoso helped get the Snapdocs book in the hands of its target audience just in time for the webinar.

For that, the company quickly utilized Sendoso’s Address Confirmation feature. It’s a straightforward automated feature within the gifting platform that asks potential recipients to confirm to edit their address. Address Confirmation saves Sendoso users from sending direct mail to uninterested prospects.

The marketing and SDR teams worked together to identify their target accounts and decision-makers. It included chief operating officers at every high-value, target company.

Managers championed Sendoso for helping prospects and customers tangibly engage with their product and brand. Phillippi added that it’s a critical component to Snapdocs’ multi-channel marketing stack.

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Snapping up socially-distant success

The campaign received an 84% response rate by using Sendoso’s Address Confirmation.

Team members also created seven new sales opportunities and converted seven accounts into lower funnel stages. Overall, Snapdocs saw four times its return on investments on the influenced pipeline. To date, the campaign has influenced $5.5M in pipeline revenue.  

Phillippi credits Sendoso with enabling his team to build strong engagements throughout the customer journey

“We’re planning on using the platform to roll out customer marketing and direct marketing programs this year.”

Phillippi wants his team to use the Sending Platform™ to trigger specialized corporate gifting to celebrate their client’s important milestones.  Managers believe Sendoso will help maintain the personal connection between their company and its customers, remote or not.

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