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$2.3M generated through unified direct mail campaigns

Talkdesk’s team used the Sendoso platform in tandem with the Salesforce integration to both save time and generate massive ROI.

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We needed a turnkey platform that integrated into our tech stack had direct mail expertise. The time saved with Sendoso was absolutely incredible.

You use direct mail in your account-based marketing campaigns, right? Of course you do. But are you managing the process in-house? If so, your team is likely spending way too much time and resources executing each campaign. That is valuable time they could be spending with prospects and customers.

Talkdesk, a leading cloud-based contact software solution and artificial intelligence software provider, saw dramatic gains when they sought help to improve their sending processes. Solutions are their forte. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they turned to the leading Sending Management Platform when they needed a corporate gifting solution.

The Talkdesk marketing team already relied on account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns. However, they lacked interest and buy-in from the sales team.

Company leaders brought in Sendoso to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, improve efficiency, and guide team members into a newly designed multi-point process.

Direct mail struggles before Sendoso

Prior to working with Sendoso, the marketing team executed all of Talkdesk’s direct mail campaigns in-house.The process took a lot of energy and time. Marketing managers said a single campaign would take 12 hours a week to coordinate.

First, the team had to source the gifting items. Once they found a suitable gift, it took them hours to manually assemble and ship the packages. They also had to collect and organize addresses and update individual tracking codes.

The same team then spent hours coordinating with sales development representatives (SDRs) and account executives (AEs) to make sure they were following up with the targets.

The entire process was too clunky and time consuming. It also took employees away from their everyday tasks and other marketing campaigns.

The results were also difficult to track. Talkdesk struggled with the manual processes in place to measure sales follow-up efforts and the overall business impact.

“We needed a turnkey platform that integrated into our tech stack and had direct mail expertise,” said one Talkdesk leader. “The time saved with Sendoso was absolutely incredible.”

Enter Sendoso to help alleviate these issues for the company.

Aligning B2B marketing campaigns with automation

Talkdesk’s flagship campaign revolves around sending a customer experience report to tier 1 and tier 2 accounts.

The marketing team chose to share the valuable information through multiple channels including its website, email, paid campaigns, and direct mail. Via Sendoso, the marketing team sent the report to 150 people along with a personalized note.

With Sendoso’s integration into Salesforce, they were able to send alerts to every SDR associated with the campaign. This allowed SDRs to carry out a highly coordinated follow-up effort. It also positively impacted the mechanics of working with the sales team.

As part of the campaign, the sales team was given the option to send unique gifts to the recipients. Some packages included coffee e-Gift cards. Others included highly-personalized gifts through Sendoso’s Amazon integration. These additional gifting options allowed the sales team to feel empowered in the outreach process.

The sales team also utilized Sendoso analytics to determine appropriate follow-up opportunities. In return, those efforts generated a massive return on investment.

In the end, the marketing team learned that the Sendoso platform took the burden off employees who previously spent hours manually assembling the direct mail gifting.

Simplifying work streamlines success

The Sendoso platform streamlined the campaign process, making it easier to interpret the results. Company leaders now had concrete overall analytics for each campaign. The new process also provided Talkdesk a line-of-sight into influenced pipeline.

After incorporating Sendoso, the company experienced phenomenal growth. The team credits the personalized outreach in campaigns to much of its success. As a result, they were able to build $2.3M+ in the pipeline.

Finally, Sendoso allowed Talkdesk to develop benchmarks for future campaigns. Overall, leadership found the sending platform created a more unified approach among its team members and their outgoing campaigns.

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