Custom gifts influence $5.5M in Terminus pipeline

See how Terminus cooked up B2B account-based marketing success by turning virtual collateral into winning corporate gifts.

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Terminus needed to scale outreach, convert virtual prospectus, and better serve remote decision-makers.


Terminus found new ways to connect with customers in a virtual world using direct mail strategies and targeted campaigns.


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Sendoso is and easy way to show appreciation and thanks for current and future customers

As one of the leading ABM platforms, Terminus enables B2B customers to run account-based marketing at scale. Their marketing team initially relied on their in-house platform to track and manage campaigns. Over time, marketing leaders realized they needed to improve outreach to stand out from the competition — and they needed to scale.

That’s where Sendoso came in.

Cooking up account-based marketing success

The Terminus marketing team found big wins by reinventing their most popular virtual content. Terminus used Sendoso tools to transform virtual prospectus into creative direct mail marketing campaigns.

Terminus even collaborated with Sendoso to turn their ABM eBook into a printed cookbook.

The marketing team had created a digital ABM cookbook in November 2019. The online guide explained account-based marketing strategies through food and cooking metaphors. The eBook resonated with top-of-funnel prospects and generated high-volume organic traffic.

The online success encouraged Senior Director of Marketing Stephanie Kelly to reimage the eBook as a direct mail campaign.

Terminus transformed the eBook into a printed recipe book and launched an awareness campaign. Sendoso sent the book along with oven mitts and kitchen tools to top prospects.

“We’re trying to find creative ways for our sales team to continue their outreach and have better connection rates,” explained Kelly.

Terminus Cookbook

Expanding a winning direct mail strategy

Seeing success, Terminus workers launched another direct mail campaign through Sendoso.   They utilized Sendoso to mail hot chocolate kits and mugs to potential customers who needed help “warming up” to ABM.  

Terminus utilizes the Sendoso sending platform for ongoing campaigns.

Team members follow up with prospects by sending them copies of the book “AMB is B2B,” a book co-written by a Terminus founder. For marketing leaders, it was a personal way to connect with prospects and educate them on the company.

Shifting marketing strategies for a remote world

Terminus relied on Sendoso to shift its marketing strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They needed creative ways to reach newly remote employees. Kelly spotted an opportunity to use the sending platform to reach decision-makers about two new acquisitions.

Uber Eats eGift Card

The goal was to educate decision-makers on the capabilities of the new companies to encourage cross-selling opportunities. The company launched a series of virtual lunchtime workshops. Terminus enticed attendees by sending Uber Eats eGift cards via Sendoso.

“The eGifts have helped us maintain a connection to prospects as everyone shifted to remote work.”

The marketing shift has paid off. Terminus saw promising growth utilizing Sendoso for its gifting. The campaigns influenced $5.5M in pipeline opportunities and $659K in revenue.

“Sendoso is an easy way to show appreciation and thanks for current and future customers.”

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