July 1, 2022

20 October puns written for sales campaign success


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Move over spookiest day of the year, you don’t own October! Okay, okay, we absolutely agree that Halloween is a huge marketing event to take part in yearly. It’s also easy to execute with solid results and opportunities to play off of fall puns.

Every B2B business can participate in the Halloween frenzy and come up with a “haunting” direct mail strategy that moves the needle.

Sendoso’s automated gifting platform offers more than corporate gifts. It’s a full scale marketing solution to support all your direct mail strategies, including those around Halloween (our main brand color is orange, after all).

Non-Halloween puns for sales success

But there are 30 other days in October to celebrate that don’t have anything to do with zombie takeovers or haunted graveyards.

So, peruse our options for October corporate gift ideas and playful holidays to mark with clients. Skip promotional products like water bottles. Instead, read on for how Sendoso can help you send marketing gifts that open doors and increase pipeline.

Improve Your Office Day, Oct. 4

1. Send It Pun: We’re charged about our future together.

Gift Idea: Engagement accessories are not only useful but build relationships with customers, prospects, and key decision-makers. The send curation team at Sendoso recommends Optima TWS Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case or a Catch1 Essentials Charging Pad (with option to laser engrave your thanks).

We all know sometimes our workspaces can start to look a little shabby. Help spruce up your customers’ desks and inspire their mood with these gifting options.

2. Send It Pun: Thanks for growing this partnership with us.

Gift Idea: One of the simplest ways to elevate the decor of an office is with a plant. Send a succulent planter, a cactus, or a terrarium as a customer gift to show your appreciation.

3. Send it Pun: We have some blooming new ideas for your company.

Gift Idea: A cheerful bouquet of flowers will brighten anyone’s office space. Better yet, a flower subscription for monthly arrangements will spiff up their desk for months to come. Browse the Sendoso Direct marketplace to automate your sends in a couple of clicks.


Noodle Day, Oct. 6

4.Send It Pun: Why did the chicken cross the road? To send you this gift!

Gift Idea: Chicken noodle soup is a warm, cozy meal for an October evening. Show your client you care with prime chicken noodle soup options on both Sendoso Direct and Goldbelly.

Noodles come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, so don’t get bogged down just thinking about spaghetti. There’s pad Thai, spaetzle, ramen, and soba—just to name a few.

5.Send It Pun: Here’s some penne for your thoughts.

Gift Idea: On Sendoso Direct, we offer a pasta meal kit from Artisan Deli Market. It’s the perfect gift for your international direct mail campaign. The European-based company ships within the United Kingdom.

Looking for stateside sends? Goldbelly features some of America’s best Italian restaurants.

6.Send It Pun: We’re hopeless ramen-tics.

Gift Idea: Does your client have a great ramen restaurant in their city? Send an eGift card to Uber Eats and mention it in the note.

Universal Music Day, Oct. 8

7. Send It Pun: Your ideas really speak to us.

Gift Idea: Consider a portable bluetooth speaker—sleek and chic—to bring music to any corner of the home or office. Go easy on logo placement, and instead opt to brand the packaging using our Sendoso sending fulfillment center’s resources.

8. Send It Pun: A meeting with you is like music to my ears!

Gift Idea: Noise-canceling headphones are a blessing for digital marketers, or anyone who needs silence to get work done. They’ll also be thanking you the next time they fly.

Sweet Day, Oct. 10

9. Send It Pun: Fold in our hardwork and dedication, and we make one sweet team.

Gift Idea: Get it, fold it in? (Folding is how to delicately mix macaron batter). Macarons make a great business gift no matter the marketing joke you make.

We can even help put your logo on it. Search for Dana’s Bakery on Sendoso Direct.

This is where Sendoso can really shine for you, with endless options on our platform for sweets and goodies all packaged with your branding and logo.

10. Send It Pun: Working with you is a sweet treat.

Gift Idea: Cupcakes, cookies, and truffles are all charming desserts to send to a prospect—and expect that they’ll be enjoyed by everyone on their team. Marketing gifts should help build relationships throughout the organization, not just with one decision-maker.

Liqueur Day, Oct. 16

11. Send it Pun: Let’s ‘pour’ over our options together.

Gift Idea: Grand Marnier is the gold standard when it comes to liqueurs. People drink it mixed or straight—it can even be poured on ice cream.

This one can be tricky, but not in a spooky Halloween-way. Liqueurs come in a variety of fringe flavors, so there’s potential to pick one that makes your customer turn up their nose. Best to go with the classics for a well-received result.

12. Send It Pun: With a spritz of determination, we can make this work.

Gift Idea: Aperol liqueur is used to make the Aperol Spritz, a cocktail that instantly transports you to an Italian villa. Sendoso Direct has an Aperol Spritz kit ready to send to your prospect.

13. Send It Pun: Don’t run out of juice, squeeze the day.

Gift Idea: Even in October, lemons are still refreshing. Limoncello is a delightful liqueur to pair with desserts or a light salad.

Gourmet Coffee Day, Oct. 18

14. Send It Pun: Don’t fizzle out, the next jolt is on us.

Gift Idea: Coffee holidays are great to celebrate with internal teams—like human resources and people teams—by creating exceptional employee experiences. Send an eGift Card for coffee in the middle of the day, when the morning caffeine has worn off.

Any coffee is gourmet as far as most marketers are concerned.

So, don’t break the bank over this marketing strategy. But if you’re looking for a blend that’s high end, Sendoso offers whole bean roasts from a variety of vendors ready to ship.

15. Send It Pun: We’ve brewed up a great strategy.

Gift Idea: Send an high quality, office-friendly espresso maker. With a gift like that, your client won’t miss their next meeting with you because they were out grabbing coffee.

Coffee Beans

Eat a Pretzel Day, Oct. 22

16. Send It Pun: Don’t get in a twist, we’re here to support you.

Gift Idea: Browse what’s hot on Goldbelly for classic soft pretzels and dipping sauce. Or if you want something sweeter, check out the chocolate pretzel pizza on Sendoso Direct.

17. Send It Pun: We’re just knots about this new deal.

Gift Idea: Movie night kits and game night kits are an excellent family-friendly gift set option for any customer that has a lot going on at home. Don’t forget the pretzels, popcorn, and candy.

Pumpkin Day, Oct. 26

18. Send It Pun: Can we carve out some time for our next meeting?

Gift Idea: It’s never too early to enjoy pumpkin spice, so officially kick off the holiday season for prospects with pumpkin spice everything-and-anything in a gift box or basket. Candy, teas, candles, snacks, cereal—all of it shows you’re serious about chatting, but keeping it silly too.

Pumpkins play a role in Halloween, but they aren’t exclusively Halloween-owned. Pumpkins are also synonymous with autumn, so play up the changing seasons with this gift.

19. Send It Pun: Let’s move ahead with our gourd-geous new strategy.

Gift Idea: Decorative pumpkins can also work as a floral arrangement. Check with your local florist so see if they can put together something using seasonal botanicals.

20. Send It Pun: I only have pies for you.

Gift Idea: Nothing says “thanks” quite like baked goods. Mark a client’s special anniversary or a big milestone with a scrumptious pumpkin pie. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to prospects. Break the ice with a celebratory email to stand out from the crowd.

Rake in returns this October

It can be overwhelming to look at the entire calendar year and plan your direct mail marketing campaigns. That’s why Sendoso handles your storage, warehousing, packaging, and shipping so that you can just shop and send. Plus, we’ve created an actual Pun Calendar to help inspire monthly ideas.

Even that doesn’t fit into your schedule, our send curation team is constantly looking for the hot new corporate gift ideas that open doors. We can present you with sales outreach ideas and options to fit your budget.

Lean into those non-Halloween marketing puns this October. Be original and make someone smile. You’re more likely to get a positive response and a return on your outreach.

No trick-or-treat required.

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