March 20, 2024

41 Unique Client Gifts Ideas They Won't Forget


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  • What is a corporate gift, and what makes one appropriate for your client?
  • Top gift-giving best practices to consider before sending your client a gift
  • 41 unique client gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression

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Reaching out to prospects. Filling up your pipeline. Closing deals.

It’s the typical workday of a gifting SDR (sales development representative) who is constantly booking sales meetings.

The funny thing is, the most valuable part of the pipeline is the clients you’ve already acquired. They’re the ones who become loyal and continue purchasing from you.

On average, 80% of your future profits come from 20% of your clients. So doesn’t it make sense to give them a little special attention and go the extra mile?

Sure, saying thank you is a polite gesture. But nothing builds a relationship like giving your client a thoughtful and memorable gift. Plus, it cements your relationship with your clients and may also guarantee future business.

If you’re thinking about sending creative client gifts, we’ve got 41 unique ideas to consider. But first…

What is a Corporate Gift?

A corporate gift is a business gift you give to your clients, prospects, charities, dealers, or employees.

Corporate gifting is a goodwill gesture that expresses gratitude in the interest of your organization. Also, sending athoughtful gift signifies that you value your client’s business and look forward to building a meaningful relationship with them.

The best corporate gifts for clients are useful, personal, and relevant. So the better you know your client, the easier it becomes to find a suitable present. Getting them a gift you know they’ll enjoy shows you’re a savvy giver and creates a lasting impression.

What Is an Appropriate Gift for a Client?

If you’re struggling to find the right gift for a client, you’ll find the following helpful. Defining an appropriate gift for a client includes the following general tips:

  • What is the value of the business relationship?
  • How much your budget is allocated for your client gifts?
  • What is your client’s title?
  • Are there any gift-giving laws you need to abide by?
    • Clients in certain industries can’t accept certain gifts.
    • Some states and countries can’t ship or receive alcohol

Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

We picked out 41 unique corporate gift options to show appreciation or celebrate the people who help your business thrive.

41 Unique Client Gift Ideas for Clients of All Tastes

1. Travel Destination Map

You most likely have a client who travels the globe for business meetings or vacations. This personalized travel destination map from Personal Creations comes with red, blue, yellow, and green pins. Your client can mark where they’ve been, where they’re headed next, their favorite places, and dream destinations.

2. Gourmet Food Basket

Tired of sending another basket with the same old snacks? Breathe new life into your gift basket game with a traditional gourmet food basket. This Italian Market Snacks gourmet food basket is filled with a gourmet selection of farmhouse cheese, salami, bruschetta spread, handmade sea salt caramels, and more. It’s gift-wrapped in a hand-crafted wood crate with ribbon. Be sure to find out about any allergies in advance so you can send vegan and gluten-free options when appropriate.

3. Restaurant Gift Cards

There’s nothing like unwinding over a nice meal at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Find out the best new restaurants in your client’s area and get them an eGift card. They’ll associate memories of their first time at the restaurant with your company for a lifetime.

4. Kindle

Does your client have a long daily commute, or do they spend weeks traveling by road or flight? Gift them a Kindle to help them pass the time while reading their favorite eBooks.

5. Coffee Gift Set

If your client loves to have their coffee fix every morning, save them trips to the office barista machine by giving them their own coffee gift set. It’s a nice way to personally appreciate them for their business with a gift tailored to their tastes.

6. Golf Trunk Locker

Have a couple of clients who love to golf? Save them the hassle of dealing with a car cluttered with golf accessories and tools. A golf trunk locker will keep their items organized and protected.

A good locker is made of durable polyester and waterproof backing, plus large mesh sections for their snacks, tees, gloves, and sunscreen. A ventilated mesh front door makes for easy visibility and access while ensuring maximum aeration for golf shoes.

7. Custom Tumblers

Tumblers are always great corporate marketing gifts, especially when they’re personalized or branded. Give your clients custom tumblers they can use for their protein shakes, tea, coffee, or soda.

Add a package of tea, ground coffee, or a K-cup sampler along with the tumblers to complete the gift. Add your logo and company name, so they’ll remember you every time they have a drink.

8. Succulents

Give your clients something alive to brighten their day and remind them you’re invested in this business relationship. A cute office succulent is easy to nurture and care for, making them more likely to be around for years to come.

9. Infusion Water Bottle

Show your client you care about their health by gifting them a savvy infusion water bottle. They can create their own water drinks infused with fruit, herbs, or vegetables and make their water interesting. And with each sip, they’ll remember just how much you care for their wellbeing.

10. Bean Bag Toss Game

This timeless, easy game is a gift for any occasion. Your client can enjoy playing the game with their loved ones at home or even at an office party. Personalize it with their name or initials to make it even more memorable.

11. Online Classes

Instead of trinkets or quickly consumed snacks, give your client the gift of learning. They can spend a few hours honing their art, public speaking, singing, or photography skills. It’s an experience they’ll always remember.

12. Wine Glass Set

Giving a bottle of wine is commonplace in the corporate world. Impress your client with a wine glass set for a more personal and special touch. Remember to find out their favorite drink and include it with your gift set.

13. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Have clients with a special playlist for every task? Then they’ll enjoy this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It’s the perfect gadget for listening to music while working out, jogging, or working. It works in the shower, spa and swimming pool too.

14. Make a Charity Donation

Don’t want to send a material gift? A charity donation is a meaningful gesture that lets your client know you value and honor what matters to them. Write a check to their favorite charity in their name and let them know what your contribution will achieve.

15. A good book

Find books that refer to your client’s personal interests, profession, industry, or locality. Make sure it’s a unique title that they’ll proudly display in the office sitting area or on their desk. Add a personalized message inside to make it more memorable.

16. Cook’s Basket

They say the best way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. If your client enjoys cooking at home, gift them a cook’s basket complete with a cookbook and some fresh ingredients. Add to that some great recipes they can use to whip up gourmet meals.

17. Portable Charging Dock

For the on-the-go client, a portable charging dock or phone charger is a handy, crowd-pleasing gift that shows you care about their day-to-day conveniences.

18. BarkBox

If your client has a cat or dog, get them a BarkBox subscription to ensure they get a variety of goodie boxes for their four-legged best friend each month. It’s a great way to show that your company goes above and beyond.

19. Custom Pencils

Whether it’s for doodling or writing to-do lists, something to write with always comes in handy. Custom pencils are easy to personalize with your client’s initials or an appreciation message to thank them for their patronage.

20. Suitcase

Let your client know you wish them safe business travels in style. A suitcase not only keeps their stuff organized but it reminds them of your company as they fly from one destination to the next. If a suitcase isn’t appropriate for your client, a luggage tag, backpack, or travel wellness kit will do.

21. Golf Cart Clock

Share your love of the game with your client by giving them a custom golf cart clock. You can engrave their name or a special message in unique font styles and tuck a place card inside the cab with a message of appreciation.

22. Tool Bag

The right tools at the right time make work easier. With a tool bag, your client will have exactly what they need on hand. You can personalize it with their initials or your logo. Just make sure all the tools are safe and ready for use. They’ll remember you every time they carry their tool bags.

23. Grill Master Set

Prime your client to maximize their barbecue skills and meat charing instincts with a sophisticated grill master set. Engrave the case with custom text such as your client’s name, your logo, or a thoughtful message to inspire them to remain your client.

24. Novelty Socks

In recent years, socks with ornate, comical, or outrageous patterns have become extremely popular. If you want a small gift idea that lasts for years, this is it. Socks are lightweight, compact, inexpensive, and show your clients a bit of personality.

Pick patterns that have some connection to your business to ensure your clients make an instant connection to you whenever they wear them.

25. Espresso Machine

Coffee is the lifeblood for many workplaces, offices, and businesses. An espresso machine is a quality corporate gift that’ll save your client time by skipping coffee runs. It’ll also remind them of you each time they get their caffeine fix.

26. Air Drone

A drone is a great luxury corporate gift for your VIP clients. Whether your client is a novice or an enthusiast, they’ll enjoy exploring the drone while shooting exceptional aerial photos and videos. Engrave their initials or your logo on the drone to add a personal touch to the device.

27. Mini Waffle Maker

Whether it’s for a quick breakfast or zippy lunch, a mini waffle maker is a creative and useful client gift. This will give your client the chance to make paninis, mini waffles, or hash browns right in the office. It’s a little gift that keeps giving and it’ll serve as a reminder of their gifter.

28. Waterproof Camera

If your client loves aquatic adventures, gift them a high-grade waterproof camera they can use to capture high-resolution video underwater in real-time. They can capture panoramas, stills, or footage, and convert live videos into photos too. It’s a gift they’ll always treasure along with your company.

29. Decadent Chocolates

Gift your client the best high-quality chocolates in a keepsake box. Better yet, find a box with different chocolate flavors and options to personalize the selection with your company’s branding. During the holiday season, a hot chocolate bundle is also a great option. It’s a sure way to impress your clients.

30. Virtual Escape Rooms

Get your clients’ attention by gifting them a virtual experience they can enjoy with their colleagues, family, or friends. A virtual escape room is a fun option because your client can do it online and it’s easy to schedule. It’s a unique and memorable experience.

31. Flavorful Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a go-to gift for many. Surprise your client with a box of bite-sized, flavorful cupcakes, and make sure to throw in some cookies for good measure. It shows you made the extra effort to deliver a sweet and memorable experience.

32. Personalized Padfolio

If your client attends lots of business meetings or travels for work, help them look professional while keeping their documents well-organized with a high-quality leather padfolio. They’ll always know where to find their notes. And they’ll remember you helping them to stay organized while looking classy.

33. Audible Subscription

Got a client who’s into books but doesn’t have the time for a physical reading? Get them an Audible subscription to keep them company on their commute to and from work.

34. Portable Espresso Maker

Give the gift of the on-the-go coffee with this portable espresso maker. Your client won’t need to struggle to find time to brew and drink their hot mug of joe before heading out the door.

35. Complimentary Event Tickets

Know of an event your client is yearning to attend? Well, gift them a ticket so they can go. The more valued the event, the more appreciative they’ll be. For instance, see if you can get them season tickets to see their favorite sports team. They’ll appreciate some time away from work for some personal enjoyment and will have you to thank for it.

36. Travel Gift Cards

Clients who frequently travels for business will enjoy having a gift card to spend. It could help reduce the expenses for the trip. Or lighten the mood for a free meal at a local restaurant. You can also get travel-related gift cards to reduce the price of a car rental, hotel stay, or taxi service.

37. Ride a NASCAR or Formula One Race Car

If you pay attention to your clients’ likes and discover they love NASCAR or Formula One, surprise them with a trip to one of these race tracks. Alternatively, arrange for a super luxury car driving tour where your client gets to drive a one-of-a-kind machine. It may set you back a bit financially, but you’ll hit it out of the park with your clients.

38. Wellness Box

Wellness gift boxes are popular because many people are balancing working from home. Inside, you’ll find items like positivity cards, tea, a candle, and a tumbler to help your client relax, focus, and work on their wellness.

39. Portable Projector

With a portable projector, your client can entertain themselves, their family, and even colleagues. They can use it for presentations or fun movie nights with their loved ones. The device runs on a long-lasting LED lamp for convenience and stows in briefcases and bags for compact and easy travel.

40. Healthy and Wellness Letter Box Hamper

A charming, health-conscious hamper designed for clients who take extra care about what food they put into their bodies. Perfect for those who cherish luxury and quality British products and ingredients. It is great for clients who follow gluten-free and paleo diets. It includes delicious oat squares made from almonds, chia seeds, honey, and coconut (gluten-free). It also has Heather Honey from the Sheffield Honey Company in South Yorkshire, an award-winning artisan producer of premium quality local English honey. Roasted cashews, almonds, fresh raspberry jam, natural cookies, and vegan chocolates are also included. This delivers to clients in both the US and the Uk.

41. Watch and Accessory Travel Organizer

For the watch aficionado, a watch roll or case makes a perfect gift especially if your client frequently travels for business trips or vacations. The organizer keeps their valuable timepieces well protected from scratches, getting lost or stolen while traveling. Pick one with good quality leather and high-quality workmanship to keep your client thinking of you for years to come.

Surprise and Delight Your Clients With Unforgettable Gift Ideas

Finding the ideal gift for your clients shouldn’t take hours. With the right tools, you can speed up the process and even gain features to track your gifting campaigns. With Sendoso’s sending platform, you can select, ship, and monitor each gift. You can even include a handwritten note drafted by your’s truly. Not sure what to say? We have a selection of fun puns that spice up your gifts and are proven to help you stand out with your perfect gift.

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This article was originally published on July 13, 2021. It has been updated for relevance.

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