January 7, 2024

21 November puns and gifts to show clients you care


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Let’s talk about giving thanks.

November is the month to focus your account-based marketing strategies on compassion, generosity, and philanthropy. Before Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrive, November is a time to inspire others to make a difference in the world.

One way to build B2B relationships this month is with direct mail campaigns that encourage others to give charitably. Or use November to focus on customer loyalty and retention with generous thank you gifts.

Other gift ideas to influence the sales cycle simply celebrate holiday memories, peace, and friendships.

At Sendoso, we’ve put together a cornucopia of daily holidays to choose from in November to fit your direct mail outreach. With (sometimes) witty puns to match, moving your accounts down the funnel will be easier than cooking a turkey. They will also bring about positive change.

Pair Up Day, Nov. 2

1. Send It Pun: You’re the ___ to my ___.

Gift Idea: This one is a fill-in-the-blank, where you can match your send to your note. Want to send peanut butter and jelly flavored brownies? How about a cheese and cracker platter? Chips and salsa, donuts and coffee, or popcorn and soda/beer are also fun options.

Start November off strong by celebrating some of the best duos around: you and your B2B accounts. Highlight your partnership wins with a direct mail campaign that thanks them for their business.

2. Send It Pun: We value your loyal-tea.

Gift Idea: Tea drinkers in the office will appreciate an exotic tea sampler so they aren’t stuck with the same old Earl Grey in the break room.

World Kindness Day, Nov. 13

3. Send It Pun: We’re two of a kind.

Gift Idea: Put your humanity on display rather than making a marketing joke. World Kindness Day is celebrated internationally don’t forget your customers overseas.

Use our helpful filters in Sendoso Direct to assist you in finding meaningful gifts from black-owned, minority-owned, women-owned, sustainable, eco-conscious, and fair trade vendors.

Celebrated globally in partnership with UNESCO, World Kindness Day encourages all of us to look beyond divisions and take part in random acts of kindness. A single, small act can fuel a chain-reaction for the world kindness movement.

Drinksgiving Day: Wednesday, Nov. 23

4. Send It Pun: Cheers to working alongside your team.

Gift Idea: As an ABM strategy to connect with key decision-makers, gifting a bottle of wine never fails. Select one that your client will be proud to bring to the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The day before Thanksgiving is reserved for rekindling old friendships before the family stress-tivities kick-off. Wines and spirits make merry gifts.

For a non-alcoholic option, our Sendoso curation team also recommends mulled wine and cider candles to add a holiday season scent to the air

5. Send It Pun: Raise a glass to our partnership.

Champagne Coup

Gift Idea: A tumbler set, Corkcicle mug set, or a mixology set are classy gift ideas. But to turn it up a notch, send a champagne gift box, complete with a crystal flute and stainless steel saber for an Instagram-worthy uncorking.

6. Send It Pun: Sending you a little holiday spirit.

Gift Idea: Browse our spirits available in Sendoso Direct and pick the one that embodies a cozy, fireside evening—Baileys, Cointreau, or a smoky scotch whiskey, to name a few.

Pro Tip: Skip the coffee mugs with your company logo. It can be impersonal. Instead, look for creative corporate gifts for clients that fill the mugs they already own.

Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, Nov. 24

7. Send It Pun: Many thanks for our meat-ing.

Gift Idea: Since turkey is already on the table, why not send Thanksgiving hors d’oeuvres? Prep your customer’s appetite for a holiday meal with an enticing charcuterie board.

Turkey is the star of Thanksgiving. But your clients have shopped for and (hopefully) defrosted their bird by the time Turkey Day rolls around. High-value account-based marketing tactics call for you to flex your creative muscles when planning out your Thanksgiving Day send.

8. Send It Pun: Any way you slice it, we’re glad to partner with you.

Gift Idea: Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie—the flavor doesn’t matter as long as it works as a Thanksgiving dessert. Pies warm the heart and the senses. So watch your email for a late Thursday “thank you” and follow-up meeting request.

9. Send It Pun: Let’s talk more about what’s feast-able.

Gift Idea: By Saturday or Sunday, turkey leftovers are trashed. We advise an alternative entree to cleanse the poultry from their palette. Go big on Sendoso Direct and Goldbelly by gifting Carolina BBQ, Detroit-style pizza, or a lobster and steak surf and turf gift box.

10. Send It Pun: You can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without some of your best spuds.

Gift Idea: Give thanks and think charitably—this gift does just that. Potato Parcel in Sendoso Direct boxes up candy and a potato for your send.

Each potato sold means one more is donated to a food bank. The client can even plant the potato as a sustainable food source. Now that’s spud-tacular.

Cheers Drink

Black Friday: Nov. 25

11. Send It Pun: Here’s wishing your Black Friday is choc-full of sales!

Gift Idea: Dark chocolate will help get your B2B clients through their own Black Friday sales and marketing campaigns. Plus, it’s a sweet treat that’s sure to secure some meeting time for your next pitch.

Back in the day, Black Friday deals were about making enough revenue to be “in the black.”

Now, Black Friday buzzes with the frenzy of waking up early, long lines of customers, and hot-takes on trends. It’s a high-stress environment and your target accounts in the thick of it may need some mid-day sustenance.

12. Send It Pun: Perk up! Black Friday is just beginning!

Gift Idea: Coffee is always a good idea for a send, but a coffee maker is a level up. A French Press is a sophisticated gift for your client that the competition probably overlooked.

13. Send It Pun: Donut worry, be happy! Black Friday is almost over.

Gift Idea: Imagine a crowded, chaotic office, neck-deep in Black Friday madness. Suddenly, a smartly branded delivery of gourmet, frosted and sugared donuts arrives. Be the sales rep hero who is behind that Black Friday send!

Small Business Saturday: Nov. 26

After the hype and hoopla of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is all about staying local and supporting the economy of your community. Celebrate small businesses with your sends and encourage your clients to do the same.

14. Send It Pun: It’s a beautiful day in your neighborhood!

Gift Idea: When you send an Uber Eats eGift card in the Sendoso platform, use your note to call out some highly-rated local restaurants near the client. The closer to the office, the better.

15. Send It Pun: Cash in and pass it on this Small Business Saturday.

Gift Idea: Send a Visa eGift card and a message to your client, emphasizing the importance of putting money back into the pockets of local small businesses. According to our research data, the Visa eGift is one of the most highly redeemed gifts.

16. Send It Pun: This gift may be small, but our ideas are ready for big business.

Gift Idea: If you want something on the small side, generate a big reaction with mini cupcakes or mini Oreos. Both have the option to be branded with your logo.

Cyber Monday: Nov. 28

17. Send It Pun: If you want to dial up this connection, we’re in your network.

Gift Idea: Tech accessories are exceptional corporate gifts. Earbuds, AirPods, Bluetooth speakers, and device stands are high-demand lifestyle tools both at the office and at home.

The blowout deals on Cyber Monday mean your B2B clients may need another pick-me-up gift as well as a word of encouragement.

18. Send It Pun: We’re charged up for the future of this partnership.

Gift Idea: If you need an executive gift to secure buy-in from a decision-maker, a charging pad or power brick is handy, helpful, and boosts productivity.

Giving Day: Tuesday, Nov. 29

Cap off the entire month with a send from one of our vendors that gives back charitably. Just turn on the “charitable” filter in Sendoso and browse your options

Hint: No need to push corny jokes with these puns. The message outweighs the words.

19. Send It Pun: Give a little, talk a little.

Gift Idea: If sending to a prospect, set up their charitable gift to redeem only after your initial introduction meeting. Our dynamic gifting platform handles the logistics and helps you get confirmed on their calendar.

20. Send It Pun: See the world and make it a better place.

Gift Idea: Sustainable earth backpacks from Terra Thread are the hippest bag to carry when your client travels. Made from sustainable materials, Terra Thread’s sales also support organizations that fight to reduce hunger among families.

National Park Coffee

21. Send It Pun: We are driven to make this deal happen.

Gift Idea: Send your road-trip-loving customer the National Parks Collection Coffee Gift Set featuring brews named for some of America’s most iconic National Parks. A portion of the sales goes to the National Parks Foundation, which is dedicated to keeping parks clean and accessible for years to come.

Connections and kindness drive November campaigns

Sending around the holidays can feel personal, but don’t be shy. Show your unique personality and point of view with each gift. If there’s a product you think is neat with a good cause behind it, share it. Your contacts will be touched by the outreach and inspired by your passion. Discover additional ideas in the month-by-month Pun Calendar.

November is the month to show your clients and prospects that your company culture values philanthropy. Put your enthusiasm for meaningful gifts and charitable giving front and center. Your sends will encourage others to reciprocate.

It’s an exponential opportunity for goodwill.

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