May 9, 2019

3 Corporate Gift Ideas to Drive Product Adoption [Sendoso +]

Brianna Valleskey
Brianna Valleskey

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Did you know half of your best customers also shop with your competitors?

So in order to keep them as customers, you must ensure that they regularly engage with your product (and enjoy the experience). That’s why it’s time for product teams to think about corporate gift ideas as a point of leverage for product adoption and engagement.

Amazing UX and UI within the product, itself, are just the start. But forward-thinking organizations are starting to think about going above and beyond for customers by brainstorming corporate gift ideas that enhance their experience around the product, as well.

That’s why we’re exploring an opportunity to integrate with Pendo, a product cloud that provides user insight, user guidance and user communication for digital product teams.

A Sendoso integration would mean that direct mail and corporate gifts could be sent automatically based on interactions with Pendo or segmented using Pendo data— creating a simple and intuitive way to reward your most active customers with thoughtful touches. After all, more than 80 percent of people say they enjoy receiving packages in the mail.

So, check out three corporate gift ideas that product teams can use to drive adoption, facilitate engagement, and gather feedback below.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Product Teams

1. Gift Cards to Increase In-App Survey Responses

Customer feedback is essential to the success of any product team, but a message that pops up during a user’s experience with your app or platform can feel intrusive and annoying. So how can you turn a quick survey question into an enjoyable customer experience?

Immediately offer a $5 coffee eGift card for users who take the time to respond. Using Sendoso’s integration with Pendo, you can automatically send the eGift right after your customer hits the submit button. Include a message that says “A coffee for your thoughts?” for a conversational tone and warm interaction.

2. Swag Bombs for Amazing Product Onboarding Experiences

So you’ve won some new customers and are ready to onboard them—that’s great! Those first interactions with your product are critical to their success as a user. If you don’t make the experience enjoyable and meaningful, then they’ll be disengaged as a user and, ultimately, a customer.

Encourage your important customers to complete the entire onboarding process by offering a “swag bomb” as a prize. Once someone completes an onboarding journey in Pendo, our integration would trigger a decorated welcome kit with fun swag like socks, hats, stickers, pens, shirts, bags, or anything else! Don’t be afraid to get creative here. The more unique your swag items are, the more special your customer’s experience will be.

3. Sweet Surprises that Drive Long-Term Feature Adoption

There will always be new platforms and apps asking for your customers’ attention. And if they’re disengaged from yours for too long, they’ll eventually cease to be your customers. So continuously driving engagement for new features and the overall offering is a critical function for product teams. But how do you do that in a delightful way?

Reward frequent users and first adopters with a sweet surprise. Start by segmenting your customers based on usage data via Pendo. Then use Sendoso’s integration to send something special like mini cupcakes or a small desk plant to the customers who’ve used your product the most over the past 3-6 months or the ones who were fastest to adopt a new UI or important product feature. Using your product will become associated with feeling appreciated and successful—making people want to stay engaged.

Remember that these corporate gift ideas are meant to enhance a customer’s experience with your product, so be sure to select quality items that reflect your company’s brand. Include personalized notes that explain why you sent the gift (what behavior are you trying to encourage) and tie the experience back to your product.

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