April 5, 2022

6 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas from gifting experts


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Write this down! Mother’s day is Sunday, May 8. While flowers and a card may be the go-to gift for millions of families, a limp piece of cardboard is hardly a way to thank hard-working moms.
They deserve so much more!

And bonus, Mother’s Day serves as a touchpoint for B2B marketing and sales experts looking for ways to connect with prospects. Sending the right corporate gift will spark new engagement or build better rapport with current clients.

Curating Corporate Mother’s Day Gifts

Start planning early to guarantee a Mother’s Day delivery before Sunday, May 8. It’s easy for companies using Sendoso to automate their account-based marketing strategies for direct mail. The Sending Platform™ specializes in providing hyper-personalized business gifting for sales teams while streamlining the gifting process from start to finish.

Mother’s Day is also an opportunity for people team and/or human resources to show employee appreciation for the mother figures in their workforce.

Sip, Snack, and Spoil Mom

Surprise moms with a virtual experience they won’t forget. Virtual experiences are becoming a popular corporate gifting option. Set your customers up with a fun, engaging class.

Whether she likes to sip or snack, Sendoso offers a variety of experiences that will delight any mother. Sendoso partners with In Good Taste, purple cork, and Marco to offer unique activities. All offer a fresh, modern interactive take on B2B outreach. Check out these six Mother’s Day gifting ideas to reach moms who could bring new pipeline your way.

1. Online Cooking Class

Give moms on your mailing list a culinary experience with a personalized cooking class or online oyster shucking. Marco offers both options via the Sendoso gifting platform.

Careful considering the goals of your marketing strategy. Structure your virtual experience as a family affair. Or invite multiple clients to one class with you. Creating a joint experience is an excellent way for you to connect with clients while facilitating networking amongst similar prospects.

2. Private Coffee Course

Imbibe in coffee culture with a private tasting course available through Sendoso and Marco. All of the needed supplies will be delivered to your client before the course. Learn how to properly brew coffee using a beautifully designed pour-over set.

Pro Tip: Create a marketing campaign with multiple coffee-inspired touchpoints. As your prospect advances in the sales funnel look for opportunities to offer personalized gifts. Follow up after Mother’s Day with a coffee eGift card to her favorite coffee shop. Or add another touchpoint further into the customer journey by sending specialty hand roasts through Sendoso Direct or using the Amazon integration.

3. Kombucha Tasting

Give Mother’s Day a holistic vibe by inviting clients to an online Kombucha class and factory tour. Taught by a holistic nutritionist, your prospects will receive all the ingredients to bottle their Kombucha from home.

The best part, many events have turnkey capabilities. It allows each activity to be customized to meet your clients’ needs. Or in this case, meet mom’s needs.

4. Virtual Wine Tasting

Consider giving an online wine tasting experience with purple cork. With several opportunities to choose from, mom and 21+ old family members can sample some of the best pours from California’s wine country.

Gift Alternative: Skip the virtual experience and use Sendoso Direct to send your favorite moms some bubbly.

Building Memories Online

All of these virtual gifting options are an opportunity to reward and surprise mothers with extraordinary experiences. Personalize your campaigns by doing a little research about prospects. It’ll help you choose the right experience to evoke a positive connection. Plus, referencing your shared experience with a virtual event is a great conversation starter later on in the sales process.

Skip the heavy lifting and planning. Use your Sendoso to plan your next event. The platform removes the burden off workers who spend hours manually assembling the direct mail gifting. Take a look at the complete list of Sendoso virtual experiences:

  • Virtual Wine Tasting, 8 Pack – In Good Taste
  • Virtual Boutique Wine Tasting – purple cork
  • Virtual Boutique Wine Tasting with Sonoma Snack Pairings – purple cork
  • Skipstone Sample Kit & Tasting – purple cork
  • Napa Cult Cab Tasting with Local Snack Pairings – purple cork
  • Luxury Champagne and Caviar Tasting – purple cork
  • Haus Mixology Expedition – Marco
  • Cooking with Kait – Marco
  • Virtually Impossible: A Quarantined Magic Show – Marco
  • Magic “Monday”: Enhance Your Productivity – Marco
  • Oyster Shucking – Marco
  • Coffee Tasting – Marco
  • Floral Workshop – Marco
  • Kombucha Tasting + Factory Tour – Marco

These immersive experiences work for your clients – remote, hybrid, or in-office. It’s important to know your target audience because many experiences can be tailored to fit your guests. Kits with materials and ingredients can be delivered straight to the recipients’ door.


No time to book a virtual event, no problem. Select a more traditional gift to honor busy moms using Sendoso Direct to elevate your B2B direct mailing. The marketplace offers hundreds of client gifts.

Sweeten their Mother’s Day with some artisan chocolates. Browse the Sendoso Direct catalog for a complete list. You can send anything from a bonbon gift box to a brownie gift box to customizable cupcakes.

6. Mother’s Day Bouquet

A traditional gift with a twist. Try a 3-month flower subscription to remind clients of your company even beyond Mother’s Day. ReVased offers a surprise arrangement to be delivered once a month via Sendoso Direct. Each bouquet includes a 10-18 mixed stem arrangement perfect for brightening their home or office.

This is the year to create modern and memorable experiences curated with women in mind. From a fabulous floral workshop to personalized wine tastings, Sendoso can treat mothers on your mailing list to the one-of-kind of experiences they deserve.

We recommend selecting sends at least two weeks in advance, especially around major holidays. Sendoso will curate, prepare, and ship all gifts. Personalize any Mother’s Day gift with a handwritten note. It’s one of the many features offered by Sendoso to give your marketing sends a personal touch.

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