April 5, 2024

Administrative Professionals’ Day: 6 gifts to open doors


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Central to any business, administrative professionals keep an office organized and efficient. They are also the first point of contact for marketing and sales teams trying to target important decision-makers.

So don’t forget to thank the people who got you in the door this April.

Specifically, April 27 because it’s Administrative Professionals’ Day (Secretaries Day or Admin Day). It’s the perfect time to show extra appreciation by sending a special gift to acknowledge all that they do. It’s a smart outreach opportunity for B2B direct mail marketing and sales experts looking for ways to connect with prospects.

Internally, Administrative Professionals’ Day is also a chance for human resources and people teams to thank hard-working employees. Start building a direct mail strategy early for this day of recognition.

Save time by choosing from these Sendoso gifting guide favorites.

1. eGifts Cards

Gift cards in any form are always a hit because they give the recipient flexibility.

Give the administrative professional on your email list even more flexibility by using Sendoso Choice. It allows you to customize the eGift experience.

  • Step 1: Select from up to 10 eGift cards and determine an amount.
  • Step 2: Your recipient selects their eGift of choice from the selections you curated.

For example, send a Lowe’s eGift card to help the recipient deck out their desk or home office. Or surprise a client or prospect with a coffee or UberEats eGift card so they can slurp or snack while listening to a pitch.

It’s a simple yet effective way to make an impression, open doors, and enable that extra special touch to any communication. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out the most redeemed eGifts and who is sending them through Sendoso:

2. Sharable Sends

Butter up your prospects with high-end baked goods—but be sure to send enough to share. Branded cookies, cupcakes, and gift baskets are always a win. Surprising an admin’s whole office spreads brand awareness and could lead to additional prospects.

B2B company HighRadius won with a similar strategy. When they sent branded cookies to a client, that client shared the cookies with a marketing director who was visiting the office. Their simple share created a ripple effect. It extended HighRadius’ marketing campaign reach and led to HighRadius’ marketing team making a new connection.

You’ll find those same cookies in the Sendoso Sending Platform™.

Customize any campaign to fit your clients’ needs. Combine The Cheeky Project’s pink sea-salt chocolate bars with the Fairytale Brownies collection for the ultimate sweet and salty experience.

3. Virtual Wine Tasting

Consider giving an online wine tasting experience. Sendoso partnered with purple cork to add wine tastings to the Virtual Experience catalog. Clients and prospects can sample some of the best pours across California.

Consider creating a VIP tasting event. Invite your favorite administrative professionals for a virtual networking event. It’s a great opportunity to interact with clients in a fun, light-hearted setting and build lasting relationships.

Bonus, you don’t need to organize anything. Sendoso handles it all, even making sure your admins are getting the wines and supplies they need in advance.

4. Coffee Tasting Course

Trade tannins for caffeine by opting for a coffee course.

Celebrate admins by creating an account-based marketing strategy with multiple touchpoints through the sales cycle. Every touchpoint ties in a coffee-related gift.

  • Step 1: Start by introducing yourself to prospects during a virtual coffee course. Marco Experiences partners with Sendoso to offer the immersive class. The coffee experts walk you through the basics of brewing a good cup of coffee.
  • Step 2: Use the coffee course to build bonds while also learning more about the admins in your target audience. Learn what type of coffee they like to build future touchpoints.
  • Step 3: Consider sending their favorite blends, mugs, or eGifts to coffee shops as they progress in the sales funnel.

Utilize Sendoso Direct or the Amazon integration to automate your direct mail strategy and find personalized items like French press kits or beans from their favorite travel destinations.

5. Gifts for a Cause

Personalize your campaigns to align with the goals and causes important to your clients. Give your favorite admins a way to donate to causes close to their hearts.

Look for the Charity Choice or Charity on Top option next time you use the Sendoso gifting platform.

Sendoso Choice can curate charity donations too. The option allows recipients to choose a personal gift or donate to the charity of their choice.

Recipients can choose to support nonprofits like the American Red Cross, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, or select charities supporting causes like the humanitarian response in Ukraine. Charity donations help build closer connections with prospects. It demonstrates that you’re willing to support their interests.

Pro Tip: Get to know the administrative professional before you send anything. Personalized gifts go far. Depending on which social causes they support, try sending sustainable gifts or eGifts supporting minority or female-owned businesses.

6. Mini Office Makeover

Show your gratitude when a deal closes by sending a mini office makeover to the person who made it all possible. Use Sendoso to curate a gift bundle by choosing office must-haves from their extensive gift directory. Select a few of your favorites to brighten up their desk:

Or enhance their office space with a three-month subscription flower delivery. Search Sendoso Direct for subscription options to keep their space in bloom for the quarter ahead.

Thanking Administrative Professionals with Sends

Sometimes the best gifts come by surprise. Don’t wait for a deal to close to thank an administrative professional who has helped your sales journey. Instead, pick a day honoring their talents to surprise and delight clients.

Don’t forget to plan ahead. Sendoso recommends triggering sends at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated delivery date.

Incorporating Sendoso into your sales strategy provides opportunities to foster relationships and increase response rates. Each campaign has the client in mind to create a one-of-kind and memorable experience.

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