February 1, 2024

AI-Enhanced IS the Future

Cody Farmer
Cody Farmer

Head of Product, Sendoso
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We’ve all read hundreds of LinkedIn posts about how AI fixes your sales cycle by just following this one simple ChatGPT prompt plugged into your pre-call routine. Or if you just add this prompt to your daily workflow you’ll see higher productivity. Or if you run your campaign through this thing, you’ll 10x your marketing results. 

My favorite lately are the folks who list out the 10 best AI companies to improve your daily life (BTW - most of these companies are just folks who have figured out how to type a good prompt.) If you scroll your feed and don’t find some mention of someone telling you how to use AI to fix your process then you’ve got a weird feed. 

What even is AI?

Being honest with ourselves, most of what we loosely call “AI“ or “AI-powered” at this moment are really just queries that were being run and compiled by data scientists a few years ago. I’d say the #1 way that AI has enhanced my professional career at this point is that I’m an absolute hack at creating SQL queries and now I just type out the context and ChatGPT gives me a query I can tune up and use. 

For instance, if I were to give you a list of gifts that get a high engagement rate and tell you that AI created it, you might believe me — but that’s not AI at all. It’s just a company enabling their own data to create benchmarks. (We’ll be doing more of this at Sendoso, considering we’ve done 10 million sends.)

AI is not a silver bullet — far from it. Even worse, it’s often misapplied in a way that depersonalizes and degrades the quality of human connection. That’s certainly not the dreamy machine-augmented future I imagined when I was younger. 

But if you’re working in software, you’ve most likely found some way that AI enhances your work. We all see the AI naysayers telling us that it’s ruining the world and authentic connection has to be manual. I personally think meaningful connection has to be thoughtful, but it doesn’t have to be manual or complicated. Enhancement is the best we can reasonably expect from AI at this point in the journey, and it can be done very well.

Our AI-Enhanced product vision

So enter Sendoso, and enter the concept of AI-Enhanced Gifting Automation. Hell, I’d argue Sendoso is one of the last remaining bastions of meaningful interpersonal connection that exists on a real level between B2B employees whatsoever today. 

Personal connection and scale don’t have to be at odds. We’ve got some of the best ways to spark real human connection between two people from two different companies (or the same company) who are spending most of their days behind a screen in their home. AND we’ve got automation in our own self descriptor. 

I personally have set up thousands of automated gifting campaigns with Sendoso customers over the five years that I’ve been doing this, but there are a few who stick out to me. I’ll always remember Laura from Gong because we put together a custom pinata campaign as part of her ABM efforts. I filled out her form while we were testing some automation and she actually sent the Pinata to my house with a special tailored thank you message. I’m a permanent fan of Gong now. 

I’ll never forget customer we can’t mention on our website who saw I was a Kansas City Chiefs fan and sent me a Patrick Mahomes bobblehead using our Amazon integration. It still sits in the Zoom background of all of my calls long after I helped them with building an ROI dashboard in Salesforce. I will always support them.

So that’s exactly what Sendoso is going to continue to do with our product. We’re going to try to replicate those feel good moments where human connections transcend transactional boundaries and we’re going to do our best to use technology to make it as easy as possible for the person executing the send or campaign to do that really well, at scale. 

We’re combining some work that would’ve previously been executed by data scientists, we’re combining some new tech that’s been enabled by language learning models, we’re pushing to the cutting edge of personalization and we’re going to serve the best damn product you can call AI-enhanced. 

We are building the future, right now.

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