February 1, 2024

The Future of Personalized, AI-Enhanced Gifting

Kris Rudeegraap
Kris Rudeegraap

Sendoso CEO
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Successful GTM is people-first

Whether we call it allbound, offline, gifting, sending, Sendoso-ing or direct mail, the power of meaningful, well-timed connections throughout the customer journey is undebatable — we all know it, and we have the data to prove it.

But how often are you prioritizing meaningful connections in your day-to-day GTM efforts?

There are a finite number of channels/tactics we can use to drive new business. 

I bet you’ve prioritized the table stakes to cover your bases: SEO, paid search, trade shows, webinars, some organic and paid social. 

Maybe, under pressure to hit pipeline goals, you’ve agreed to unreasonable timelines or spun up a new channel every few weeks to appease leadership. Maybe you’re trying outbound, or experimenting with podcast ads. Maybe you’re investing in a customer community or influencer marketing. 

But that’s not enough to really move the needle.

  • Marketing program efficiency has declined and cost per $1 of pipeline generated has increased 63%. (Insight Partners)
  • More than 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process. (Salesloft)
  • $37 billion is wasted each year on ads that fail to reach target audiences. (Sisense)

How are you optimizing the investments you’ve already made?

Just because you run ads doesn’t mean they’ll convert. Just because you publish a LinkedIn post doesn’t mean it’ll be read or shared. Just because you host an event doesn’t mean the right people will actually show up. 

The magic happens when you focus on the channels that are the best fit for your buyers, customers, and company (where they are already engaging, and where you have the resources to deliver real value) — and when you enhance those channels by prioritizing meaningful connection first. 

This means no more one-size, generic campaigns and prospecting attempts that waste time and money. To engage buyers and customers, first you have to be engaging:

Invest with intent

Be relevant. There’s too much generic garbage out there already.


Personalize for the individual on the other end, not the target audience.

Add value 

Deliver useful, meaningful experiences people actually want to engage with.

Be memorable

Make them feel like you put in the effort.

You’re probably thinking: this sounds like a LOT OF WORK.

But it shouldn’t be. Authentic, intentional connection has to be thoughtful, but it doesn’t have to be manual or complicated — or expensive.

Sendoso and Alyce: Big News

Today, I’m excited to share that Sendoso and Alyce are joining forces as part of an asset purchase agreement. We’re combining the personalization power, automation capabilities, smarts, and global scale behind the two largest strategic gifting companies into an unparalleled global platform. 

Alyce is known for recipient-first personalization, the secret sauce behind their successful 5to9 capabilities. We’ll further enhance this personalization power with Sendoso’s powerful AI functionality, like PunPal, and much more coming soon.

Sendoso is known for our AI-enhanced gifting innovation, our global fulfillment capabilities and our enterprise grade platform, which boasts an industry-leading sending network with <2 day average shipping times and robust customer support (with an average response time of 60 seconds). These pillars will only be enhanced by Alyce’s “recipient-first” choice experiences.

What does this mean for current Sendoso and Alyce customers?

Same Platforms You Love.

There will be no immediate changes to either platform or service. Business as usual, with the same industry-leading support from our combined team.

Massive Global Scale.

From one-person startups to Fortune 100 enterprises, we have a solution for every team and company size. We’ve joined forces to create the largest and only gifting solution you will ever need, with the most robust gifting dataset and the security, privacy, governance, scale and service levels you require.

What about the future? Well, we have an exciting future ahead.

An AI-Enhanced, hyper-personalized future 

We built this category and now, after learning from hundreds of thousands of users and tens of millions of gifts sent, we’re building the future of AI-enhanced, hyper-personalized gifting.

With the acquisition of Alyce, it will be easier than ever to automatically trigger personalized smart sends based on sending data and social signals, customize the recipient experience and incorporate strategic gifting into your campaigns at a global scale. Set it, forget it, and enjoy the ROI.

Currently 80% of customers use our 90+ native integrations to boost the success of their existing campaigns with automated gifting that works behind the scenes. We’ve seen this approach boost response rates 5x and deliver over 200% return on investment.

While those are amazing numbers to begin with and we are proud of all the progress we have made, there’s much more on the horizon.

Join us as we share our future vision for Sendoso and AI-enhanced, personalized connection.

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