July 23, 2020

4 Straight Fire One-to-One Sends That Heat Up Clari's Cold Outreach

Meira McFarquhar
Meira McFarquhar

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Sales teams, we hear you: With prospects now living and working at home, it’s harder than ever to effectively get someone’s attention, keep someone’s attention, and then convince them to purchase your product or service with ever-shrinking budgets and headcounts.

In order to stand out from the likely hundreds of emails in your prospect’s inbox, you’ve got to send them something memorable—and something that gets you to that meaningful conversation.

Enter the one-to-one send for a truly personalized approach that gives you great appeal when you tie it to cold outreach and stand out from your competitors in unexpected ways.

But for your one-to-one outreach to truly make an impact, what should you say, and more importantly, what should you send to grab your target account’s attention?

Take it from the Clari team, who’ve mastered the art of boosting response rates and booked meetings with their well-researched, unique, and thoughtful one-to-one straight fire sends. Clari.

As a revenue operations platform that harnesses automation and AI to drive revenue (and seasoned customers of Sendoso), Clari has learned to use a Sending Platform to harness the power of relevant and thoughtful outreach. How? By incorporating research into both their brief, bold, well-crafted emails and simple, unique sends they get to engage with prospects in their inboxes and mailboxes, even during difficult times. (Pro-tip: Find out how you too can reach your prospects no matter where they are in the world with our Address Confirmation feature.)

Check out how the Clari SDR team uses Sendoso to drive responses and get meetings on the books:

4 Examples of Fire One-to-One Sends from Clari

1. Not Your Typical eGift Card

When a Clari SDR Cameron McCann’s original message to a prospect got buried among other emails in their inbox, he strategically utilized Sendoso’s Amazon integration to send a well-timed Amazon eGift card to a prospect. However, after doing some digging, he took his send one step further by sending a hyper-personalized suggestion on what the prospect may want to spend his new eGift card on based on interests expressed on Linkedin. By personalizing his eGift card send, Cameron proved to his prospect he was persistent and purposeful in his outreach.

Judging by the response below, the send was very much appreciated, made a great first impression, and ultimately landed him a meeting.

The Message:

2. Timely Thought Leadership

After finding out a prospect loved the San Francisco 49ers, Clari SDR Vivianna Vu sent along a biography of famous football player Joe Montana through Sendoso’s Amazon integration. She followed up with a clever email using what Clari calls “the BASHO methodology” as a way to directly tie her personalized gift to Clari’s actual value proposition—making her gift relevant, educational, and ultimately a success.

Book sent and meeting booked!

3. A Map for a Meeting

To get his prospect talking, Clari SDR Brad Berchem went the extra mile by sending a thoughtful intricate poster of Mexico City after learning his prospect had recently traveled there. His prospect admired the creativity and persistence behind the send, and appreciated the special gesture.

In fact, the prospect liked the send so much that despite feeling Clari wasn’t a good fit for his company at the time, he still agreed to take a call and hear him out. Once on the phone, Brad was able to educate his prospect more on how his company was actually a perfect fit for Clari’s business, and turned that meeting into a qualified lead.

The Message:

4. The Reverse Sendoso Send

Clari SDR Nick Burger pulled what they called the “reverse Sendoso” when he noticed his prospect had a side photography business. Instead of sending the prospect a gift, he purchased one of the prospect’s photographs, put it on their desk, took a picture of it, and sent an email letting the prospect know that just like his photographs, Clari could provide him with a “crystal clear snapshot” of all the most important deals in his timeline and help him drive higher win rates.

Talk about a surprise and delight!

The Message:

Nick received a very warm response from his “reverse Sendoso” send. The prospect was flattered by the gesture and expressed interest in Clari, even though they ultimately couldn’t agree to a meeting because the company was cutting costs in the wake of the pandemic. Despite not being able to get a meeting set, he no doubt created a new meaningful connection that counts.

These are just some of the ways Clari uses Sendoso to drive engagement with their prospects and leads. For more inspiration, they even share their sending strategies in a Slack channel and discuss sending best practices, successful send ideas, and how to keep converting prospects into leads and customers.

So, what will you send to prospects to get them talking, and most importantly, get them talking to you?

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