March 1, 2022

8 Corporate Gifting Companies that Rock


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  • Discover the benefits of incorporating an automated gifting platform into your workflow.
  • Compare production selection, personalization, and shipping policies.
  • List of the top 8 corporate gifting companies and what they each have to offer.

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Thinking about giving a gift to an employee, colleague, customer, or boss? Then you’re likely wondering what to send (and how to send it). In the past, the sender had to do it all—select, buy, wrap, and ship the gift. Then if you wanted a handwritten note, you had to write it yourself.

But not anymore.

Now, you have sending platforms and services that do everything for you. It streamlines the process, which enables you to amplify your corporate gifting campaigns. With the right platform, you can build a strategy to entice prospects, encourage employees, and thank clients.

The question now is, which sending platform should you use? We put together a list of the leading corporate gifting companies out there today.

But first, let’s review what you should look for in a corporate gifting company.

What Makes a Top Corporate Gifting Company?

What separates one corporate gifting company from the next? It’s the type of gifts they offer and the features they provide. By understanding what to look for, you can choose a sending platform that best suits your needs.

Here’s a quick list of things to consider when selecting a corporate gifting platform to partner with:

  • Reputation: Do they deliver quality products? Check out their online reviews.
  • Product selection: Are there unique gift options, customizations, and a variety of categories?
  • Shipping and return policies: Will they ship and accept returns for you? At what cost?
  • Gift personalization options: Can you personalize a gift with a hand-written letter?
  • Bulk discounts: Are you able to send a bulk of gifts to a list of recipients at once?
  • Automation features: Can you track the progress of gifts (arrival, acceptance, and action completed – i.e., call/meeting booked)?

Ideally, the corporate gifting company you choose should check all these boxes. This way, you can manage each campaign effectively.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Corporate Gifting Company?

Finding the perfect gift is a challenge as is it. Throw on top of that, searching for a provider to send the gifts for you and you have a dilemma that can last days or even weeks. So to help you along in the process, we put together a list of things to consider.

Let’s take a look at what you should look for in a corporate gifting service:

  • Allows you to share unique and memorable gifts, the kind that the recipients look at and instantly remember where they came from
  • Gives you access to specialized platforms that streamline your gifting process
  • Helps you strengthen business relationships
  • Allows you to deliver professionally designed customizations and personalizations

The idea is to select a provider that’s flexible, affordable and offers a range of gift solutions and services. Next, let’s review some of the top gifting services.

Where Can I Find Top-Rated Corporate Gifting Services to Use?

Special occasions are looming. Now, you have to find and send dozens of gifts for that annual event, holiday, employee/client appreciation, orientation, and/or onboarding. But which company offers the best corporate gifting service for your needs?

Here are our top 7 corporate gifting companies to consider.

1. Caroo

Sendoso Partner: Caroo

Caroo offers premium corporate gift boxes you can fill with treats, custom items and branded swag.

There are also selections of premium lifestyle products, productivity tools, and artisanal coffee to inspire and connect your team.

Find the perfect gift options, import addresses, set a custom budget, and track your orders with Caroo’s proprietary culture assistant technology platform. This platform lets you personalize, ship, and track your gift mailings, thereby making thoughtful gifting a breeze.

2. SwagUp

Sendoso Partner: SwagUp

If you’re looking to engage your teams or event attendees, then swag gear is a great idea. SwagUp is a platform designed to streamline the creation, automation, and distribution of high-quality swag.

So whether you want to strengthen your workplace culture, close prospects, or build stronger client bonds, SwagUp will simplify the gifting process for you.

For example, its Swag shops and inventory management feature saves you the stress of finding a gift and even stores your swag packs if you don’t have space.

With this, you can compose swag packs people will actually use. SwagUp will deliver the custom gift boxes straight to your clients or employees.

3. Tinggly

Sendoso Partner: Tinggly

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your colleague, boss, or employee an experience or getaway for a gift? Most times, they probably have what they need for the trip, but they just need the perfect spot to create new memories.

Tinggly provides creative gift boxes that allow you to give sincere, uncomplicated, and meaningful gifts. There are hundreds of experiences in each box ready to present for any occasion, including an experiences journal to plan future trips.

The Tinggly concept is simple: pick a gift box, send it as a gift, and the recipient can choose from hundreds of diverse and noteworthy experiences in more than 100 countries worldwide. Tinggly gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re giving a gift that will be cherished.

4. Lula’s Garden

Sendoso Partner: Lula’s Garden

Still not sure what gifts to give? Spread the plant love and brighten up your recipients’ offices with a succulent from Lula’s Garden.

These bespoke succulents come in an easy all-in-one planter box, and you get a wide variety of textures, colors, and counts from which to choose.

Lula’s Garden packs the succulents in innovative, ready-to-display packaging that’s perfect for any recipient and occasion. Plus, they ship anywhere in the US and come with easy care instructions so your recipients don’t have to do any work or replanting to enjoy the goods.

Collections are broken up as Premium, Special Edition, Petite, Original and Deluxe. The plants arrive meticulously wrapped in self-sustaining gift boxes ready to display and enjoy.


Sendoso Partner: Swag

Tired of the same old corporate swag? Maybe you want to add your own designs to make the items more memorable. offers a variety of gift options, such as water bottles, sweaters, t-shirts, bookbags, office supplies, and more.  If there’s something they don’t carry, let them know and they’ll source it for you.

You can customize each gift with your own logo, sayings, and images.

And then send it to a top client or new remote hires to make them feel welcome. streamlines the process, allowing you to find the ideal gift, design it, and ship it directly to your recipients.

6. Uncommon Goods

Sendoso Partner: Uncommon Goods

The gifting process can be painfully time-consuming and tedious. You have to research and select the gift items, source, collate and build gift boxes.

Then you need to negotiate prices that will fit within your company’s corporate gifting budget, manage delivery timelines from different vendors. You also have to assemble and distribute the gifts and still deliver the perfect presentation all under tight deadlines.

Uncommon Goods does the leg work for you by handling the whole gifting process. They’ll find the perfect gifts, pack them in beautiful gift boxes, and ship them directly to your clients or team almost anywhere in the world.

Plus, you get discounts for multiple orders of a single item totaling $500 or more. They even offer the convenience to establish recurring programs such as trade shows, holidays, and more.


Sendoso Partner: offers a huge selection of customizable gifts. This includes edibles, apparel, wine, personal care, and home and office supplies. You can customize your messages and gifts and send them to your recipients at scale.

The company’s corporate gifting platform integrates with your ERP or CRM and connects to a marketplace of thousands of gift options, such as luxury VIP gifts and branded swag. In addition, its automated software ensures you can manage ongoing gifting programs.

The admin console is useful, enabling you to make purchases, payments, track gift redemption, and view your reports. If you need help, Corporate Gifts’ gifting experts are on hand to give you strategic consultation based on your queries.

8. Sendoso

Sendoso’s all-in-one sending platform goes beyond just gifting needs. It provides all the additional services you need for a smooth gifting process.

The platform stores and ships company swag, direct mail, and customer gifts to recipients around the world while tracking return on investment (ROI). This way, you can build deeper, stronger, and more trusted relationships with your employees and clients across the world.

Sendoso’s extensive features emphasize sending unique gifts and experiences for all your corporate needs. Integrations with popular software applications like Salesforce, Amazon, Marketo, HubSpot, and Outreach ensure a seamless experience for your customers while staying compliant with data protection legislation.

The platform also blends logistics, worldwide fulfillment, and intelligent analytics with automation for better engagement with your clients worldwide.

Choose the Right Corporate Gifting Company for You

Whether you’re looking for corporate gifting companies for your employees, customers, or prospects, partnering with the right gifting platform will help. Check out our Ultimate Guide on Corporate Gifting for in-depth tips and ideas before you select a gifting company.

Now that you know the best corporate gifting companies, are you up-to-date with corporate gift-giving laws? Learn best practices for making and executing your gift-giving plans.

Request a demo today to learn about integrating a Gifting Strategy within your organization with Sendoso.

This article was originally published on July 8, 2021. It has been updated for relevance.

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