July 6, 2023

The Power of Personalization: Elevate Sales Prospecting and Demos with a Human-Centric Approach


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Tired of sending soulless emails that vanish into the digital abyss? Looking for a breakthrough in your sales career? Get inspired by the story of Katie Penner, who journeyed from SDR to the head of sales development by creating meaningful connections and tailor-made experiences that spoke straight to prospects’ hearts.

Ready to boost your response rates and wow with killer demos? These personalization strategies will supercharge your outreach results and help you make a lasting impression.

Ditch the cookie-cutter pitches and up your email game! Let’s dive into how you can stand out from the noise with messages that grab attention and ultimately close deals!

Escaping the Pitfalls of Generic Email Sequences

Katie Penner started her career as an SDR. She hustled her way up to become Head of Sales Development Strategy & Enablement at Sendoso. What drove the promotion? A simple dissatisfaction with her company’s emails.

Like many reps today, Katie struggled to keep track of multiple email threads, and it was taking its toll. Low reply rates were a sign that conventional email sequences, which many companies count on, might not be the most effective way to connect with prospects.

Sound familiar? This frustration is common among B2B sales pros. These are the common pitfalls holding most sellers back from seeing the desired results and how you can avoid them:

1. Ignoring the power of personal connection

Emails fall flat without the right personal touches. The secret to resonating with prospects? Taking the time to research them, understand their background, and find common ground. A little time invested in due diligence upfront significantly increases your chances of booking a demo.

After all, who wants to read another cookie-cutter email? Take a few extra minutes to personalize your message, and you’ll establish a connection beyond the transactional.

2. Too focused on product features:

Another common mistake is focusing too much on product features and specifications in your emails. While it’s important to highlight the value proposition of your offering, bombarding prospects with technical jargon and a laundry list of features can overwhelm and confuse them.

Instead, focus on communicating the benefits and outcomes your product or service can deliver to address their specific pain points.

Don’t just bore your audience with technical specs about your software tool. Capture their attention with a powerful success story! Tell how your solution streamlined the process for a client, saving them tons of cash and time.

3. Lack of relevance and context:

Want to keep your prospect’s attention? Send them relevant emails that speak to their unique challenges and needs!

If you’re reaching out to someone in the finance industry, show that you get their situation. Weave in industry-specific details and highlight any challenges they might be facing. Then, offer tailored solutions to help them tackle those challenges head-on.

Pro Tip: Want to increase response rates? Consider adding direct marketing to your outreach strategy to create authentic, personalized connections with your audience—at scale!!

In a digitally cluttered world, the usual suspects—email blasts, cold calls, and mailers—are predictable and easy to ignore. Taking communication offline with a gifting strategy will become your critical differentiator and your strategy for creating much-needed pattern interruptions.

Charting Your Path and Owning Your Sales Destiny

In the competitive world of B2B sales, waiting for your company to hand you solutions to your challenges will be a frustrating recipe for disappointment. To truly excel, you need to own your success and get resourceful in finding solutions.

That was Katie—a determined and proactive seller who refused to settle for lackluster prospecting results. She recognized the need for change and that she’d have to take matters into her own hands.

Katie’s LinkedIn feed held the key to her destiny: a game-changing opportunity. A generous offer from none other than Will Allred, the CEO of Lavender, providing free email coaching sessions! At first, she was skeptical. But curiosity got the better of her, and she booked a call.

Beyond the Hard Sell: Providing Value To Build Relationships

The refreshingly informative call with Will blew away Katie. The focus wasn’t on sales but on solving Katie’s problems, which left a lasting impression.

By offering free value-filled coaching calls without pitching his services, Will demonstrated expertise and a genuine commitment to solving problems, all while building trust with her.

Bottom line? Networking isn’t always about pitching your product or service. The primary focus should be offering value and empathizing with your prospects’ pain points. That’s how you build authentic relationships based on trust!

Pro tip: Want to be seen as a trusted advisor? Offer free consultations, industry insights, or helpful resources. It leaves a positive impression and ensures you’re the first in mind when prospects are ready to buy.

Send some educational gifts to back up your business case. Pick white papers, case studies, or market research that matter in your specific industry. Today’s sales process involves multiple decision-makers, so gift each person with their own piece of rich information that they can use individually.

Adaptability: Embracing New Tools to Propel Your Career

After a coaching call with Lavender’s CEO, Katie took the leap and invested in Lavender—the email AI assistant tool. She knew AI had the potential to revolutionize her outreach and was amped to see what impact it would have on her results. A bold move, but one she knew would pay off big time!

Katie saw a surge in reply rates within days! Her prospects were more eager and responsive than ever. And deals moved forward at a faster pace, with meetings flowing effortlessly. In fact, after bringing on Lavender, the whole Sendoso team experienced a 125% increase in meetings booked.

Her results were so impressive the whole company felt it! Using Lavender to personalize her emails, her numbers caught the attention of the Chief Revenue Officer and the Director of Sales Development.

Katie’s openness to technology, proactive attitude, and willingness to seek help propelled her into the spotlight. Her innovative abilities landed her a promotion to head of sales development, where she crushed it by rewriting sequences with Lavender.

Cracking the Code on How Your Buyers Want to be Demoed

After Katie’s promotion, the tables turned, and she began attending sales reps’ demos pitching their products to her. Being on the other side of the Zoom call and attending these demos allowed her to see what works and what doesn’t.

To win over prospects, Katie suggests creating a memorable experience that showcases your expertise to increase the chances of converting them. Want to give a demo that prospects will remember? Here are some essential tips to help you stand out!

1. Do your research!

Picture it: You’re attending a demo, and all the sales rep does is read through a dull deck without a clue who you are. Not exactly your idea of a good time, huh? Now imagine an even worse scenario: the sales rep asks questions during the demo that they could’ve easily gotten answers to before the call. Yikes!

Time is precious, especially for your prospects. Respect their busy schedules by doing your due diligence ahead of time. Check out their LinkedIn profile, and familiarize yourself with their position, responsibilities, and pain points. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to give them a demo tailored to their specific needs and showing that you care about their success.

2. Go deeper with your questions

Similar to the tip above, avoid superficial questions during a demo, waste the prospect’s time, and show a lack of understanding or preparation. Instead, ask meaningful, probing questions that help you understand the prospect’s pain points at a deep level. High-quality questions allow you to provide tailored recommendations and solutions.

3. Personalization, personalization, personalization

Make your demo stand out from the crowd! Avoid using generic slide decks and canned presentations like the plague. Instead, customize everything to the prospect’s specific situation and challenges.

“I have to leave a demo stoked. And the only way I’m going to leave a demo stoked about what you’re selling me is if it solves a massive problem that I’m having.” – Katie Penner

Highlight relevant data, statistics, and success stories that resonate with their industry, role, or pain points. Show them that you are the solution they’ve been searching for!

4. Tell stories

Humans. Love. Stories. Bring your demo to life by sharing stories that resonate with the prospect’s situation and pain points. Explain how your product/service has helped others overcome similar challenges.

Did you know that according to famous cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner, our brains are 22x more likely to remember a fact if it’s part of a story? So, if you want your buyers to remember information, make sure to tell a good story!

5. Go easy on the slides, killer

When it comes to creating a killer product demo, slides can be your best friend or your worst enemy. So, use them strategically! Focus on the numbers and stats that’ll impress your prospect, but make sure they’re actually relevant.

And remember live demoing to showcase your product’s features and benefits powerfully. Remember to balance visual aids and engaging storytelling to keep your prospect hooked from start to finish.

Unlock Unlocking Career Growth by Embracing Innovation

For career growth, embracing new techniques and tools is critical! Innovative solutions like Lavender brought great results for Katie and got her some well-deserved recognition and promotion.

As sales reps and marketers, we must stay open to new possibilities. Seek out the latest tech and tactics (even if they seem intimidating at first) that can bring you to the next level.

Don’t settle for the status quo. Embrace the unknown, and seek new tools, strategies, and techniques to supercharge your performance. By pushing the boundaries and blazing new trails, you’ll open doors to exciting growth and career advancement opportunities.

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