March 15, 2019

How to Send Corporate Gifts that Get Meetings with Prospects

Carina Shahin
Carina Shahin

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Influitive customer advocacy specialist Darren Persaud and business development representative Matthew Pellegrini have always had a knack for knowing when to send corporate gifts at the right time, as well as what to actually send.

Their job is to find potential customers who might benefit from Influitive’s B2B customer advocacy platform. But what they tend to see is that people simply send corporate gifts—like cookies, cupcakes, or other sweet treats—and think that they are guaranteed to get a meeting. But there is much more to a strategic and thoughtful touch than simply sending the same sweet treat to everyone on your outreach list.

Darren and Matthew are able to achieve success when sending corporate gifts because they work backward based on how much engagement they see from a specific account. They were kind enough to sit down with us and share advice on predictability, timing, and execution—all of which they said has helped him excel in their careers. Here’s what we learned.

Send Corporate Gifts and Book Meeting with These Tips

Combine Tech Tools

Darren and Matthew use a combination of technology platforms like DocSend, Outreach, and Sendoso, then they each work backward to break into accounts. They start by sending the first few emails that include content relevant to the personas they’re reaching out to.

Measure Intent

Using DocSend, they can track how often these prospects are opening content being sent and how long they engage with it by staying on the page! From these metrics, they have a better idea of how confident they feel about breaking into an account.

Research Recipient

They then research prospects to send them something they actually care about and will use. For one prospect, Darren found a public Twitter profile with a post about how the prospect was attending a home-opener basketball game with his hometown team. He saw his opportunity, used Sendoso’s integration within Amazon, and sent his prospect some socks to represent his team at that home opener! And just like that: meeting booked.

One of the most successful sends got the attention from a COO and scored a meeting with that target account. Darren and Matthew started by sending relevant content and tracking how often the target was opening it. They used that intent data to measure whether this account was worth sending a gift to. After sending a travel bag to the COO (who loves to go on vacation), they were passed down to the appropriate contact. So even if you aren’t sure who you should be reaching out to, sending corporate gifts can help you eventually reach the right person.

Sidenote: Darren and Matthew mentioned that you don’t need to spend a pretty penny just to get a meeting with your target accounts. They once got a meeting by spending just $15 on a pair of socks!

What I loved about this process is that they go out of their way to do research, use the tools they have been graced with, and send personalized and relevant touches to book meetings with target accounts.

Breaking into accounts can be challenging at times, they told me, but if you are executing steps and using tools that help to develop predictability, you are definitely going to book that meeting.

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