March 12, 2024

Learn to Make Meaningful Connections That Deliver Greater Impact

Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz

Chief Marketing Officer at Sendoso
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Having joined Sendoso three months ago, it’s become abundantly clear that companies are seeking out new ways to connect with prospects and customers in a way that’s worthwhile and truly leaves an impression.

I see so much clutter in the marketplace. How does a sales or marketing professional rise above the noise and stand out? Can one do so in a genuine way that doesn’t come off as corny or spammy?

At the same time, modern buyers are hungry for meaningful interactions and relationships built upon trust. They’re tired of being, “sold.” They’re wanting authentic dialogue that leads to results.

On October 13, CONNECTED will bring together thousands of revenue professionals wanting to learn exactly how to build these kinds of quality interactions and connections.

Please join us to hear from writer, producer, political commentator, comedian, and actor, Trevor Noah. Will he have the answers and reveal the positivity and passion that sales requires? I dunno. He’ll probably be funny though.

Who you will hear that stuff from is best-selling author of “Making Work Work,” Shola Richards. He’ll have some golden nuggets of wisdom — you just know he will, don’t you!

We’ll also have notable speakers from such companies as Salesloft, Gong, Vidyard, as well as a CMO panel offering tips and insights.

Topics include multi-channel engagement, personalization, power of choice, authentic storytelling, and how to use intent data to surface the right accounts at the right time.

We wanna help your team book more meetings; generate qualified leads; close deals faster; and deliver memorable experiences with personalized gifting.

Please join me and a couple thousand of my closest friends as we share and learn from the best in the industry. CONNECTED — 8:00AM PDT on October 13th, 2021

Be there or be square.


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