March 17, 2022

Playing with Puns: 5 March-Themed Marketing Gifts


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Basketball, holidays, and a month dedicated to women create plenty of opportunities for winning sales and marketing campaigns each March. Now add in some themed gifting and witty puns to spark customer engagement at all levels.

It’s simple, but you’ll want to plan.

Direct mail campaigns offering branded swag, sweet treats, or virtual experiences are popular. Now take your B2B marketing gifts to the next level with a combination of gifts and themed sends with the Sendoso Pun Calendar. Or create a timely campaign by focusing on these five favorite days in our March gift guide.

International Women’s Day, March 8

Sent It Theme: It’s your day: Women’s Day.

Celebrating women in the workplace isn’t limited to one day. The entire month of March is Women’s History Month. Use this opportunity to reach out to female customers and prospects to help build your professional relationships.

Gifting Idea: Send Rosie the Riveter bobbleheads or red bandanas through Sendoso’s Amazon integration. Challenge recipients to post their own Rosie the Riveter pictures on social media.

National Sending Day, March 10

Send It Theme: Keep your deals moving with Sendoso.

It’s a holiday dedicated to marketers and sales teams. National Sending Day celebrates the power of creating meaningful connections by sending gifts. It’s like Christmas in March, but most clients won’t be expecting a little something extra.

Gifting Idea & Pun Tagline: Saber the Moment

No holiday is complete with a champagne toast. Celebrate your B2B customers by sending a bottle of COUP Champagne through Sendoso Direct. The champagne gift set includes a patented bottle that can be opened only with the included saber.

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17

Send It Theme: You’ll be dublin’ your fortune soon.

Send your prospects some luck for the end of Q1. Go beyond St. Patrick’s Day swag by tying in other good luck symbols in your sales or marketing campaign.

Gifting Idea: Stay with the St. Patrick’s Day theme with personalized beer mugs or whiskey tumblers, or send alcohol through ReserveBar on the Sendoso platform. Or engage a larger audience by sending good luck symbols with gifts featuring things like elephants, shamrocks, or horseshoes.

March Madness, Dates Vary

Send It Theme: The ball is in your court. Hoping for a slam dunk!

Even if your recipients aren’t into basketball season, you can still channel their competitive spirit with a basketball-themed bundle.

Gifting Idea: Find prospects who attended schools that were in the Sweet 16 or Elite 8 through the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. When their team wins, follow up by sending them a hat or mug. Your extra research and attention to detail are sure to get results.

World Poetry Day, March 21

Send It Theme: We are not opprosed to partnering.

Make prospects look twice at your note with this play on words in honor of World Poetry Day.

Gifting Idea: Send prospects a nice pen or notebook to craft their own poems.

Go bigger by writing a poem highlighting your company, their products or services, or your professional connection. Include the poem as part of your gift by using the Sendoso platform to create and attach handwritten notes to upcoming sends.

The Power of Marketing Puns & Themes

Using puns and other creative-themed sends as part of your marketing strategy can be extremely effective for return on investment and customer satisfaction. You can use figurative language and themes to differentiate your brand.

Account-based marketing company Terminus achieved big gains by launching an awareness campaign using cooking as a metaphor for account-based marketing. They created a pun-filled cookbook full of recipes for success. It generated $5.5M in pipeline opportunities and $659K in revenue according to a recent case study.

Terminus isn’t the only company to benefit from a well-themed direct mail campaign. Other Sendoso clients celebrate big returns by designing similar direct mail strategies.
Strong campaigns revive cold prospects in your target audience, increase the response rate, and drive booked meetings. Gifting helps incentivize these actions.

Naturally, people feel indebted to those who give them gifts. And with the number of competitors increasing daily, you must find a way past their doorstep or inbox and into their minds. That is the only way to revive cold emails and increase the response rate.

A well-timed gift can show your client how much you appreciate them. Encourage them to continue working with your brand by keeping your brand top of mind and encouraging referrals. Motista’s study shows that consumers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value.

For example, Guru sent boxes of cupcakes to their cold customers’ offices. People who weren’t responding to them before suddenly started getting back to them. The campaign drove 40% of cold outbound meetings.

How can you beat that?

By upping the level of creativity.

Marketing Campaign Timelines

Creativity in your marketing or sales strategy is a game-changer. Research shows that humor helps companies appear more relatable, trustworthy, and human.

But don’t forget to plan, especially when using an automated gifting platform like Sendoso. Nobody wants a St. Patrick’s Day present in April. Process your sends about two weeks in advance to ensure that your gifts arrive on time.

Don’t miss out on these March-themed sending ideas. The clock is ticking. Embrace the power of corporate gifting by reaching out for a demo.

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