May 26, 2024

Revisit Sendoso’s Hubspot Integration with these top use cases


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  • Benefits of the Hubspot + Sendoso integration
  • 3 most common use cases for the Sendoso and HubSpot integration
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Twenty years ago, a targeted email may have represented the perfect opportunity to stand out among a slew of direct mail correspondence. Physical mailboxes were littered with letters, leaflets, and brochures, while email inboxes were largely spared from the kind of mass outreach we see today.

In 2022, the opposite is true. A thoughtful gift arriving in the mail is a novelty, while email inboxes are overrun with sales messaging and heavy-handed pitches. Sometimes, going against the grain means rethinking popular strategies of the past, and combining thoughtful outreach with modern automation technology.

A Gifting Approach to Direct Mail

Sendoso enables just that, offering personalized corporate gifting solutions through both physical gifting and eGifting. While many businesses have moved away from direct mail in recent years, for organizations that are willing to experiment, the once-oversaturated channel is now underutilized compared to its digital counterparts.

There are countless benefits associated with gift-giving as a sales and marketing tactic. Gifts provide an opportunity to stand out from other mass touchpoints like emails and phone calls. For physical gifts, the ongoing presence of the item is a reminder that keeps the company top-of-mind. Plus, for prospects that just need a little nudge to get to the closed deal stage, a gift may serve as a small incentive to move forward.

Hubspot for HR

The Sendoso integration with HubSpot combines creative gifting solutions with HubSpot’s powerful marketing automation and CRM platform. This can support marketing and sales on teams of any size, and impact conversions and customer loyalty.

Using Sendoso with HubSpot is even a resource for HR teams who want to show appreciation for their own employees or add a special touch to the recruiting process at scale. Use gifts to celebrate work anniversaries, provide company collateral to new hires during onboarding, or just make an everyday work experience feel extra special.

As you can see, across a variety of key business departments we’ll outline more here (and others we haven’t thought of yet—get creative!), this integrated technology delivers results.

Benefits of a corporate gifting platform with HubSpot’s CRM

Receiving a gift is meaningful, and its value goes beyond just offering a feel-good practice that sparks a “thank you” down the line. Here are three key benefits that businesses can achieve with this gift-enabling integration.

Accelerate deal cycles

For many sales teams, moving prospects through the deal cycle efficiently is a challenge. While contacts may express interest and have every intention of ultimately reaching a deal, a lack of urgency can draw out the sales process and sap up precious internal resources.

A well-timed gift or unique direct mail campaign can revitalize stale deals or speed up the overall sales cycle, providing the momentum that’s needed to reach the close. With HubSpot and Sendoso combined, identifying accounts that need an extra push—and executing the delivery—is seamless.

Boost pipeline

Boosting pipeline involves a combination of acquiring new leads for your business and maintaining prospects who have already generated some interest. Sendoso and HubSpot can help with both.

Marketing teams can use gift-giving to source marketing-qualified leads, and sales teams can use gift-giving to preserve and invest in the existing pipeline. Plus, continuing to delight existing customers with thoughtful gifts can boost referral traffic and word-of-mouth marketing, and help to establish momentum through brand ambassadors, or “promoters”.

Create personal relationships

Today’s consumers are accustomed to mass outreach from B2B and B2C brands alike, so taking the time to invest in personal relationship-building is a simple way to stand out. Receiving a gift creates a sense of connection and can create positive brand associations in the short and long term.

Customers who incorporate Sendoso into their email marketing campaigns see an average 60% response rate, which is a game-changer for teams that constantly invest in outreach and rarely hear back. Each response creates an opportunity to continue a conversation on a human level, which opens up countless avenues to steer the conversation towards your brand’s value.

Jake Reni, SVP of Sales for Scorpion, says that the Sendoso integration with HubSpot is one of the “top 3 integrations in our sales stack” and shares that “Sendoso was easy to implement, launch, and drive adoption across my sales team. The product catalog has plenty of options for any type of campaign. I’m loving that I can see when my team uses a Sendoso touch in their contact activity feed. This is a must have for anyone selling into enterprise!

3 most common use cases for the Sendoso and HubSpot integration

The Hubspot integration can help accelerate sales and boost brand awareness. With those benefits in mind, let’s take a closer look at three common use cases for the integration between the Sendoso platform and HubSpot’s CRM:

Use Case #1: Seamlessly incorporate gifting into sales workflows.

Gifting lets sales teams stay top-of-mind and create a rapport with their prospects and customers, and both physical and eGifts can be automatically triggered by any workflow in HubSpot Marketing Hub.

The integration also allows salespeople to track deliveries and monitor when packages have been successfully delivered through Send Tracker, enabling follow-up messaging that’s tailored to the moment. Thanks to this extra layer of data, it’s simple to incorporate gifting alongside strategic follow-ups and well-timed meeting invitations.

Use Case #2: Accelerate pipeline by automating gifting in marketing campaigns.

Similarly, marketing teams can accelerate pipeline by inserting (and automating) gifting into marketing campaigns. While sales teams may use gifting as a targeted practice at the individual level, marketing teams can use gifting—both physical gifts and eGifts—on a larger scale.

Sendoso campaigns result in a 200% ROI and 90% lower labor costs. Gifts can include custom gift boxes, branded swag, food and wine, experiences, eGifts, and more to cater to any industry or customer preference.

As a side benefit, this use case may also trigger more intentional alignment between marketing and sales. When both departments have access to gift-giving through Sendoso, it’s critical for teams to create a line of communication—and intentional processes—around prospect gifting. For organizations that lack this transparency, the Sendoso integration with HubSpot may be the perfect catalyst for closer collaboration.

And, with advanced analytics and reporting, the more you use the integration, the smarter your teams can get with each new campaign.

Use Case #3: Elevate the customer experience with personal touchpoints.

Finally, both sales and marketing teams can use Sendoso and HubSpot to create an outstanding customer-brand experience, boost brand awareness, navigate pain points, and celebrate wins. The ability to help clients and prospects celebrate wins, mark professional milestones, mourn losses, or otherwise experience life events paves the way for authentic relationships that last.

It’s these touchpoints that build brand loyalty and remind customers that they’re not just an unknown contact in your CRM—they’re an individual who matters to your brand.

Putting the integration to use for your organization

Ultimately, the Sendoso and HubSpot integration empowers sales, marketing, HR, and CX teams to stand out from the digital noise. In the same way that receiving a hand-written letter has regained its charm in the age of email, receiving a thoughtful gift is more meaningful than yet another sales pitch or follow-up message.

For organizations just beginning to build out a gifting strategy, Sendoso recommends starting by gifting with purpose. Corporate gifts aren’t one-size-fits-all, and as you engage prospects and clients with personal touchpoints, take the extra moment to consider how your gift aligns with the experience. Don’t forget to incorporate HubSpot contact and account properties and other related insights to make the best choice for each client.

Learn more about the Sendoso integration with HubSpot and how you can boost conversions with personalized outreach at scale. And if you’re ready to start, request a demo today. Happy gifting!

About the writer: Katherine Boyarsky is the cofounder and CMO of CXD Studio, a creative content marketing agency. She is also a registered nurse and resides in the Boston area.

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