August 14, 2020

How to Generate Top of Funnel Pipeline (Sendoso using Sendoso)

Zackary Alspaugh
Zackary Alspaugh

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This piece is brought to you by Sendoso Dir. of Customer Lifecycle Marketing Zack Alspaugh and is part of a series where we share strategies, experiments, and honest results from running our own programs using Sendoso.

When companies began to work remotely and shelter in place, we knew we had to drastically change our outreach strategy. We worked with our sales development team to create hyper-relevant touches that could meet the immediate needs of our prospects.

We began by sending virtual care packages, family-friendly touches (to help occupy children at home), food delivery services, and of course, charity sends. The campaign was made up of a variety of 1:1 sends enabled for reps to autonomously send, covering newly released Sendoso Choice and Address Confirmation, eGifts, and Sendoso Direct options.

Marketing supported the campaign by providing reps with email templates and messaging. SDRs plugged the sends into their existing cadences/sequences and used it to connect on a personal level with prospects, convey empathy, and show the value of sending when in-person interaction was not an option.

With our integrations, SDRs were able to engage prospects with Sendoso touches without having to leave the platforms/sales tools they are most comfortable working with. They can also send directly from Gmail, Salesforce, or Amazon or export eGifts to a link and send through SMS or LinkedIn InMail.

Here are some success metrics we saw from the campaign:

  1. 20% Meetings Set with 81% Attendance
  2. 76% Meetings Converted to Opps
  3. $500 of Pipeline Created for every $1 spent

In addition, we saw a 74% response rate on all sends and 8x return on Closed Won ACV (For every $1 spent, we saw $8 returned in won deals). Since this campaign was targeted at the top of the funnel, we expect our Closed Won AVC numbers to grow.

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