November 19, 2020

4 Personalized Send Ideas from Sendoso SDRs

Kristin Crosier
Kristin Crosier

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The holiday season is here, and it’s the perfect time to ‘wow’ your prospects with great gift ideas this quarter.

But sales development representatives know the holiday season is a very competitive time for booking meetings on people’s calendars. Every SDR is trying to come up with the most creative, attention-grabbing gift idea. Your send ideas really need to stand out if you want to book that meeting or secure that executive connection.

At Sendoso, our SDRs like to come up with original send ideas to impress prospects and re-engage with cold accounts. Four members of our SDR team share unique gift ideas and sending best practices they’ve used with great success:

4 Personalized Send Ideas from Sendoso’s Creative SDR Team

1. DIY Donut Kits – Maggie Mace, Executive Sending Specialist

Executive Sending Specialist Maggie Mace needed a creative send idea to help her re-engage with cold accounts. She thought a group-friendly send idea that recipients could share with friends and family would be fun and unique. Maggie selected DIY Donut Kits, which provided prospects with a customizable sweet treat they could enjoy with others.

The campaign was extremely successful, resulting in 22 new opportunities for the sales team!

2. A Remote Controlled Car – David Dember, Team Lead, Executive Sales Development

Last year during the holiday season, David Dember, Team Lead of Enterprise Sales Development, wanted to try a unique approach to engage with a prospect. David sent an email saying that he spoke to Santa, and Santa wished to send the prospect a gift. In response, the prospect jokingly shared his desire for a Ferrari. David used the opportunity to get creative, and sent the prospect a remote-controlled Ferrari.

The CEO of the prospect’s company loved the gift so much that he reached out to David to praise him for his creative gift idea, saying it had brought joy to so many people in the office.

3. Lula’s Garden Succulent – Katie Pawlik, Executive Sending Specialist, Enterprise

Executive Sending Specialist Katie Pawlik likes to plant the seed of connecting with cold accounts by sending Lula’s Garden succulents. She’s seen great success with cold outreach using this unique send idea accompanied by a witty note.

4. A eGift Card – Richard Phan, Executive Sending Specialist, Enterprise

Even though the holidays will look very different for most of us this year, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth commemorating. Did a customer recently host a session for one of your virtual events? Thank them by helping them create their own memories this Thanksgiving. Send them a Sendoso Experience like a cooking class so they can learn to make their favorite dishes with family and friends.

See more send ideas from the Sendoso team on our Sends & Trends video series. You can also learn about the variety of send options available through Sendoso by scheduling a custom demo.

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