April 15, 2021

How to Achieve a 50% Winback Rate on Meeting No-Shows

Patrick Wolf
Patrick Wolf

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Senior Manager of Demand Generation Patrick Wolf and is part of a series where we share strategies, experiments, and honest results from running our own programs using Sendoso.

You’re an SDR. You’ve worked hard to source a new prospect, qualify them, get them interested in your product, and (finally!) secure a demo meeting.

Then, on the day of the meeting, they never show up.

While no-shows or TBRs (“to be rescheduled”) demos are bound to happen to any salesperson, it’s hard not to feel frustrated. TBRs are especially exasperating when you’ve sent them a reminder or incentive, like the $5 coffee eGift that Sendoso sends.

That’s why it’s critical to have a strong winback strategy to re-engage prospects who have gone dark.

The Strategy

At Sendoso, we brainstormed re-engagement strategies to create a connection with TBRs — and decided on a branded Sendoso candle with a clever note: “You went dark on us!”

Our team leveraged Sendoso’s integrations with Salesforce and Marketo to trigger a candle send to no-shows based on their activity record. When prospects miss their demo, they’d automatically receive the gift — without any manual work for the SDRs.

“You went dark on us!”

This send reminds prospects of Sendoso’s value proposition and gets them excited to learn more about how we can drive ROI for their business.

The Result

After implementing the automated candle send, our team was able to achieve a 50% winback rate for demo TBRs. That means for every 10 prospects who missed their meeting, 5 of them rescheduled and became opportunities. This enabled our SDRs to continue to building pipeline and not lose prospects that they’d already invested in.

As with all sales outreach, it’s important to A/B test different send ideas. For example, if a candle doesn’t work, try sending champagne or even a donut decorating kit to see what best resonates with your audience.

The Takeaway

A successful winback strategy is ultimately a relationship-building play. Our thoughtful candle send shows that Sendoso “walks the walk” when it comes to our mission — to help companies rise above the noise and make more human connections in a digital world. By demonstrating that we’re willing to go the extra mile for our customers, our SDRs are able to transform no-shows into opportunities.

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