March 31, 2021

The Sweet Secret to Creating Sales Opportunities and Generating Almost $1M in Pipeline (Sendoso Using Sendoso)

Joe Venuti
Joe Venuti

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This post is brought to you by Sendoso Vice President of Inside Sales Joe Venuti and is part of a series where we share strategies, experiments, and honest results from running our own programs using Sendoso.

Our target audience, marketers, is one of the most sought-after buying personas. This segment gets inundated with sales messages every day, so it’s even more important to break through the noise. At Sendoso, we set up automated Outreach sequences and A/B test different channels, messages, and send types to see what resonates with our audience.

And even when you find a sales play that works, it’s critical to keep pushing and iterating — since your competitors will take notice and start using the same strategy. For example, we send a bottle of champagne as part of an Outreach sequence, which gets a positive response from prospects. But we noticed that more and more companies began sending alcohol as part of their sales efforts, especially during COVID-19.

Our SDRs needed a unique sales play to differentiate our brand, stand out from competitors, and turn prospects into opportunities.

The Strategy

At the beginning of COVID-19, our sales team brainstormed gift ideas to help prospects pass the time while sheltering-in-place.

We decided to swap out the champagne bottle and A/B test a donut decorating kit from The Doughnut Club. Not only is this a unique send idea, but it’s a great activity for families and friends to do together at home–and keeps your brand top of mind (even for hard-to-reach buyers). We also had a lot of fun with puns, which is very on-brand for Sendoso.

“Do-nut miss this opportunity!”

Using Sendoso’s Outreach and Salesforce integrations, we added the donut kit into our automated SDR sequences.

The Results

After updating our sequence, the donut decorating kit saw incredible results right away.

Here’s what we saw:

  • 50% response rate
  • $969K in pipeline generated (in just 3 weeks)

Our SDRs also heard positive feedback from prospects who enjoyed doing this family-friendly activity with their kids.

And, because our Outreach sequences are automated, we were able to implement the donut kit without creating any manual extra steps for our SDRs. That meant they could focus their time and energy on prospecting, instead of administrative tasks.

The Takeaway

At Sendoso, we A/B test every touchpoint in our Outreach sequences to make sure our SDRs have the best chance of turning prospects into opportunities.

While champagne is always a great prospecting tool, it’s important to continuously brainstorm new ways to differentiate your brand and create meaningful experiences for your audience.

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